Flexible Fare Pilot for Companies

The Flex Fare pilot is a pilot program in which licensed E-Hail providers may offer taxicab and Street-Hail Livery (SHL) passengers binding, upfront fare quotes using rates set by the company. This pilot is an opportunity for the taxi industry to leverage smartphone apps to take advantage of the same flexibility allowed in the FHV industry, while still providing the passenger protections expected of taxicabs. The TLC will use information learned during the pilot to evaluate the effects of upfront pricing models on the taxicab industry, including any changes to driver income.

The pilot began on June 27, 2018. To learn more about the pilot structure, read the Flex Fare Pilot resolution (PDF). There are four steps to the application process.

Application process

Step 1: Apply for an E-Hail License

See "Apply for a New License" in E-hail Provider.

Step 2: Submit Pilot Application

Step 3: TLC Review

  • TLC staff will review the applicant’s documentation and return with any follow-up questions for the applicant.
  • TLC may require that applicants give staff an in-person walkthrough of their E-Hail App.

Step 4: Approval

Data Submission Requirements

  • Pilot participants must submit records of each passenger request submitted via the e-hail app, as well as records of each fulfilled trip.
  • Download detailed data specifications (xls).
  • Records must be submitted via an SFTP hosted by the participants each Thursday at 3PM covering the Monday-Sunday prior.
  • Data must be submitted in two separate files using the following naming conventions:
  • Passenger request log: [e-hail license number]_flex_request_[start date, YYYYMMDD]_[end date, YYYYMMDD]
  • Refusal Log: [e-hail license number]_flex_refusal_[start date, YYYYMMDD]_[end date, YYYYMMDD]
  • Yellow Trip data: [e-hail license number]_flex_med_trip_[start date, YYYYMMDD]_[end date, YYYYMMDD]
  • SHL Trip data: [e-hail license number]_flex_shl_trip_[start date, YYYYMMDD]_[end date, YYYYMMDD]

Authorized Flexible Fare Pilot Participants:

Note: This is an active list. Therefore, it will be updated frequently as new participants join the pilot.