Zoning for Quality and Affordability Initial Proposal

September 21, 2015 - Draft Zoning Text Amendment for Review

Draft zoning text for the chapters modified under this proposal is available at the links below.
PDF Document Click here* to download the entire text amendment as one file.

* Disclaimer
This zoning text has been approved by the City Planning Commission (CPC) for review and consideration by City Council. It is provided for reference and convenience prior to the publication of the CPC Report accompanying CPC approval of this text amendment.

ARTICLE I: General Provisions

ARTICLE II: Residential District Regulations

ARTICLE III: Commercial District Regulations  

ARTICLE IV: Manufacturing District Regulations

ARTICLE V: Non-Conforming Uses and Non-Complying Buildings

  • Chapter 1- Statement of Legislative Intent
  • Chapter 2 - Non-Conforming Uses
  • Chapter 3 - Conforming Uses in Violation of Supplementary Use Regulations
  • Chapter 4 - Non-Complying Buildings

ARTICLE VI: Special Regulations Applicable to Certain Areas

ARTICLE VII: Administration

ARTICLE VIII: Special Purpose Districts

ARTICLE IX: Special Purpose Districts

ARTICLE X: Special Purpose Districts

ARTICLE XI: Special Purpose Districts

ARTICLE XII: Special Purpose Districts

ARTICLE XIII: Special Purpose Districts