Midtown South Mixed-Use Plan
Aerial view of Midtown South
The Midtown South Mixed-Use Plan (MSMX) will focus on Manhattan’s Midtown South manufacturing districts and strategies to foster a more vibrant, 24/7 mixed-use neighborhood. The study area is a job- and amenity-rich neighborhood where new housing is not permitted under today’s zoning rules. Learn more about the Midtown South Mixed-Use Plan.
SoHo/NoHo Neighborhood Plan
Soho/Noho Neighborh Plan -Streetscape with storefronts and people crossing a crosswalk
SoHo and NoHo are dynamic mixed-use neighborhoods with a diverse blend of residential, office, creative and retail spaces. The SoHo/NoHo Neighborhood Plan seeks to expand housing opportunities for New Yorkers and promote equity, support continued cultural and economic success in a holistic way and reduce regulatory burdens for the people who live and work there. Learn more about the SoHo/NoHo Neighborhood Plan. - (Adopted - 12/15/21)
Special Garment Center District
Special Garment Center District, buldings along 7th Avnue and 36th Street
DCP is proposing a zoning text amendment for the Special Garment Center District. The proposal will remove manufacturing preservation requirements and promote a healthy mix of uses. Learn more about the Special Garment Center District. - (Adopted - 12/20/18)
Block 675 Planning Framework
Block 675 Planning Framework
On May 8, 2017, the Department of City Planning presented a planning framework to the City Planning Commission, articulating the Department’s vision for developments on Block 675 in northern Chelsea, located between 11th and 12th Avenues and West 29th and 30th Streets, within Manhattan Community District 4. Learn more about the Block 675 Planning Framework.
Greater East Midtown
Greater East Midtown
DCP is proposing a zoning text amendment and map change for the Greater East Midtown neighborhood. The proposal would permit higher as-of-right densities for new state-of-the-art office building construction in order to ensure that East Midtown remains a highly competitive business district. New development would facilitate public realm improvements and the preservation of area landmarks. Learn more abut the Greater East Midtown neighborhood - (Adopted - 8/9/17)
East Harlem Neighborhood Study
East Harlem Neighborhood Study
The East Harlem Neighborhood Study, one of our neighborhood planning studies, is a comprehensive, community-focused effort that will identify opportunities for the creation of new mixed-income housing and the preservation of existing affordable units, as well as the identification of complementary initiatives to address key community wellness, infrastructure, economic development, and workforce issues. Learn more about the East Harlem Neighborhood Study - (Adopted - 11/30/17)
Resilient Neighborhoods - East Village - Lower East Side - Two Bridges
Resilient Neighborhoods - East Village - Lower East Side - Two Bridges
Resilient Neighborhoods - East Village - Lower East Side - Two Bridges identifies changes to zoning and land use to address specific local conditions not addressed by the citywide Flood Resilience Zoning Text Amendment, and other citywide resiliency efforts. Learn more about the Resilient Neighborhoods - East Village - Lower East Side - Two Bridges.
Resilient Neighborhoods - West Chelsea
Resilient Neighborhoods - West Chelsea
Resilient Neighborhoods - West Chelsea identifies local planning strategies to increase the neighborhood’s ability to withstand and recover from coastal storms and flooding. Learn more about the Resilient Neighborhoods - West Chelsea.
Vanderbilt Corridor
Vanderbilt Corridor
The Department of City Planning is proposing a zoning text amendment and City Map change to facilitate commercial development along Madison and Vanderbilt avenues in Manhattan, improve pedestrian circulation within Grand Central Terminal and its vicinity, and allow greater opportunity for area landmarks to transfer their unused development rights. . Learn more about Vanderbilt Corridor - (Adopted - 5/ 27/15)
Projects with Approved Zoning Adopted Date
Water Street Upgrades Text Amendment 06/21/2016
PDF Document Water Street POPS Programming 06/12/2013
PDF Document Manhattan Core Public Parking Text Amendment 05/08/2013
PDF Document West Harlem Rezoning 11/13/2012
PDF Document Upper West Side Neighborhood Retail Streets 06/28/2012
PDF Document M1-6D Text Amendment 09/29/2011
PDF Document Special 125th Street District Sidewalk Cafes Text Amendment 06/29/2011
PDF Document West Clinton Rezoning 06/14/2011
PDF Document Lower Manhattan Arcades Text Amendment 05/11/2011
PDF Document Washington & Greenwich Streets Rezoning 10/27/2010
PDF Document Hudson Yards / West Chelsea Follow-up Text Amendment 10/27/2010
PDF Document Third Avenue Corridor 10/27/2010
PDF Document North Tribeca Rezoning 10/13/2010
PDF Document The Hudson Yards Parking Text Amendment 04/14/2010
PDF Document 125th Street Follow-Up Text Amendment 11/19/2008
PDF Document East Village / Lower East Side 11/19/2008
PDF Document Hudson Yards District/Clinton District Follow-Up Zoning Text Changes 09/04/2008
PDF Document 125th Street 04/30/2008
PDF Document Upper West Side 09//25/2007
PDF Document Far West Village 10/11/2005
PDF Document West Chelsea 06/23/2005
PDF Document Hudson Yards 01/19/2005
PDF Document Ladies Mile 08/12/2004
PDF Document Small Sidewalk Cafes Proposal 05/05/2004
PDF Document Frederick Douglass Boulevard 11/03/2003
PDF Document Hudson Square 08/19/2003
PDF Document East Harlem 06/24/2003
PDF Document Unenclosed Sidewalk Cafes 01/29/2003
PDF Document Chelsea Rezoning Becomes Effective 09/09/1999
Other Projects
Study for the Potential Expansion of the Special West Chelsea District
East River Waterfront Study
Theater Subdistrict Fund Text Amendment (Application Withdrawn - February 27, 2017)
PDF Document East Midtown
PDF Document City Planning's recommendations for the redevelopment of the WTC site
PDF Document Sherman Creek Study (Currently Inactive)
PDF Document Virtual Tour of Malcolm X Boulevard
PDF Document Manhattan Waterfront Greenway (2004)
PDF Document Chinatown Bus Study, 2009
PDF Document The East Houston Street Pedestrian Project, 2006
PDF Document Harlem / Morningside Heights Transportation Study, 2005
PDF Document Midtown Manhattan Pedestrian Network Development Project -- Phase 1, 2000
PDF Document Lower Manhattan Pedestrianization, 1997
PDF Document Taxi Stands in Times Square and the Theater District, 2001
PDF Document Upper Manhattan Pedestrian Project, 2008