What Is NYC Planning Applicants?

NYC Planning Applicants allows applicants to submit paperless applications and pay fees online.

The Department of City Planning is digitizing our land use and environmental application process for increased efficiency, transparency and public participation.

We’re using a phased approach to test and release this tool. Expect ongoing updates and information about new capabilities.

What Can I Do on NYC Planning Applicants now?

  • Submit a Pre-Application Statement
  • Submit a Reasonable Worst Case Development Scenario Form
  • Submit a Draft Land Use Application
  • Submit a Filed Land Use Application
  • Pay for Filed Land Use Applications
  • Submit Environmental Assessment Statement (EAS)
  • Submit Draft Scope of Work
  • Submit Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
  • Pay CEQR Fees
  • Submit supplemental documents and official communications

Create an account or log in to the beta version of the NYC Planning Applicants here.