FISA-OPA is responsible for coordinating matters of payroll policy and procedure for the City of New York. FISA-OPA maintains records pertaining only to current and former employees of the City of New York. However, the Agency neither administers nor retains HR/personnel records for city employees that are not employed by FISA-OPA. For HR/personnel documentation, please submit a record request to the subject’s agency of employment.

The record request must be specific about the documents or information it seeks.
This should include time period or particular types of documents or information you are seeking.

To process a record request, FISA-OPA requires the following:

  1. An original, signed, and notarized form or letter authorizing FISA-OPA to release records and information.
    A HIPAA form is acceptable.
  2. If the person signing #1 above is not the subject of the records request, please submit either:
    1. A valid so-ordered subpoena, or
    2. A valid Power of Attorney (POA) form authorizing an agent to make the request on the subject’s behalf. The POA form must have two witness signatures, which may include the notary public, so long as neither witness is named as an agent in the form. Please see the N.Y. General Obligations Law § 5-1501B for more information.

Please mail all requests to:

Legal Department
5 Manhattan West – 4th Floor
New York, NY  10001-2633

You may also contact Marlene O'Reilly at 212-857-1122.

This telphone number will not provide employment, loan, or teaching certificate verification.