How Portability Works

If you are interested in moving outside New York City, you must submit a Portability Request.

What is Portability?

“Portability” in the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program, refers to the process through which your family can transfer or “port” your Section 8 voucher to a location outside the jurisdiction of the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA).

The Public Housing Agency (PHA) who is currently issuing your subsidy, NYCHA, is referred to as the initial PHA.

The agency that will administer your Section 8 assistance in the area that you are moving to, is called the receiving PHA.

VASH Tenants

If you currently have a Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH) Section 8 Voucher, have completed your NYCHA initial lease term and decide that you would like to Port outside of the NYCHA jurisdiction, you must first contact the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). If approved, they will provide NYCHA with a Port Request Form and recommendation letter for your NYCHA Port Transfer Request.

The VA will assist and help you coordinate your move in accordance with the VASH program rules & regulations. 

How to Request a Port-Out from NYCHA

  • Determine where you want to move.
  • You will need to provide information about the receiving PHA including the name of the contact person at the receiving PHA.
  • Find a PHA at HUD
  • Log-in to the NYCHA Self-Service Portal
  • Click on the ‘Portability’ tab.
  • Complete and submit the online Request for Portability.
  • You will receive a confirmation email after you submit your request.
  • You can check and review your status anytime online.

Things to Keep in Mind when Porting

You must adhere to the rules and regulations of the receiving PHA which may differ from the initial voucher issued by NYCHA. Some common differences you should be aware of are: Voucher Size: The new receiving PHA may have different occupancy standards. In other words, NYCHA may have issued you a three-bedroom voucher, but the receiving PHA may issue you a two-bedroom voucher. Payment Standards: Payment standards may be different for other PHAs. Payment standards determine the amount of rent a PHA will pay on your behalf. The portion of the rent you will pay at the new PHA may be more than what you are paying at NYCHA.

The Receiving PHA

When contacting the receiving PHA, you may want to ask about their programs (i.e., Family Self Sufficiency Program or Home Ownership Programs).

Although the receiving PHA will extend your voucher an additional 30 days, try to manage your move so that you will have enough time to find a new unit within the new jurisdiction and submit a Request for Tenancy Approval, before your voucher expires.

If you decide you do not want to lease a unit in that area, you must notify the receiving PHA to cancel your request. The PHA will confirm your cancellation and return your voucher to NYCHA.

Do Not Vacate your Unit Until Approved!

When you are approved to move and vacate your NYCHA Section 8 apartment you must:

  • Notify your owner and NYCHA of your move-out date
  • Return your keys to your owner

Tip: Get a written confirmation when you return your keys!

Learn More about Portability

To learn more about Portability, please visit one of our websites:

Tenant Self-Service Portal:

NYCHA Section 8 Website: Detail here

Neighboring Public Housing Authorities

Below are some Housing Authorities with jurisdictions neighboring NYCHA.

White Plains Housing Authority
223 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
White Plains, NY 10601
Phone: (914) 949-6462

Newark Housing Authority
500 Broad Street
Newark, NJ 07102-311
2 Phone: (973) 273-6000

City of Yonkers Housing Authority
1511 Central Park Avenue
Yonkers, NY 10710
Phone: (914) 793-8400

Greenburgh Housing Authority
9 Maple Street,
White Plains, NY
Phone: (914) 946-2110

City of New Rochelle Housing Authority
515 North Avenue
New Rochelle, NY 10801
Phone: (914) 654-2180

North Hempstead Housing Authority
899 Broadway
Westbury, NY 11590
Phone: (516) 627-6433

Additional PHAs: HUD Portal