Performance Management Committee

The Performance Management Committee is a Standing Committee of the NYC Continuum of Care (CoC). The purpose of the Performance Management Committee is to partner with and support NYC CoC grantees in operating quality housing services for individuals, families, and youth experiencing homelessness through assessment, monitoring, and evaluating performance. The Performance Management Committee shall support providers of CoC-funded programs to ensure they have valid data and information to assess performance metrics with a goal toward improving performance.

Co-Chair Contact Information

  • Charles Winkler,, NYC Department of Social Services Deputy Director of Federal Homeless Policy & Reporting 
  • Howard Charton,, Breaking Ground Director of Quality Assurance and Compliance

Membership & Meeting Information

Meetings for the Performance Management Committee, and its sub-committees and workgroups listed below, are limited to their established membership.

Click here to view the PMC membership applicaiton form (.pdf)

For more informaiton please contact Charlie Winkler at

Sub-Committee & Workgroups

Performance and Quality Improvement Sub-Committee

The NYC CoC Performance and Quality Improvement (PQI) Sub-Committee is a forum where performance and overall viability of CoC-funded programs are assessed, and the need for technical assistance is determined. Within that objective, the PQI Sub-Committee uses data management tools and continuous quality improvement efforts to monitor and support improvement efforts of  programs identified to have performance issues, as evidenced by the CoC evaluation, spending reports, or other assessments. On at least an annual basis, the sub-committee will make recommendations to the Steering Committee regarding strategic interventions for project-specific technical assistance and contract reallocations for the overall improvement of NYC CoC performance.

The specific goals of the PQI Sub-Committee are to improve individual program performance, improve overall NYC CoC performance, and align funding so that the CoC supports the strongest programs that best achieve HUD and NYC CoC performance goals and meet participant needs.

Co-Chair Contact Information:

  • Elizabeth Hanson,, The Bridge SVP of Quality Improvement, Compliance & Training
  • Open Co-Chair seat #1
  • Open Co-Chair seat #2

Applications are now open until December 31st for the open Co-Chair seat - Click here to view the PQI Co-Chair application form (.pdf)

Membership Information:

Membership on the PQI Sub-Committee is subject to a selection process outlined in the Sub-Committee’s Policies & Procedures. 

Click here to view the PQI membership applicaiton form (.pdf)

For more informaiton please contact Charlie Winkler at

Data Management Workgroup

The Data Management Workgroup shall provide support and recommendations to the Steering Committee and Performance Management Committee related to the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) regulations and standards as set forth by HUD. The Workgroup will ensure that the NYC CoC is meeting all HUD reporting and data collection guidelines, including robust participation by providers in HMIS. Meetings will be held at least quarterly.

Co-Chair Contact Information: 

  • William Lang,, Assistant Executive Director of Geel Community Services 
  • Jayme Day,, CoC HMIS Director, NYC Department of Social Services

Membership Information:

Members of the workgroup shall be selected based on their expertise in data management. Contact PMC co-chair Charlie Winkler if you would like addtional details.

For more informaiton please contact Charlie Winkler at

Evaluation Workgroup

The Evaluation Workgroup is responsible for annually reviewing the CoC’s evaluation process and criteria with the goal of recommending refinements to align with HUD performance expectations and guidelines, reflecting NYC priorities and goals in combatting homelessness, and improving evaluation clarity and transparency. It will also work synergistically with the Performance and Quality Improvement Sub-committee, the Data Management Workgroup, and Steering Committee to continually drive the NYC CoC toward optimal performance.

Co-Chair Contact Information:

  • Charles Winkler,, NYC Department of Social Services Deputy Director of Federal Homeless Policy & Reporting 
  • Lorraine Coleman,, Senior Vice President of Acacia Network 

Membership Information:

Members shall be selected based on their expertise and knowledge of program performance evaluations, data quality, and HUD performance metrics. It is necessary that membership across CoC program type, model, and size is diversely represented.

Meeting Information:

The Evaluation Workgroup shall annually refine a performance management instrument consisting of key indicators that best monitor and reflect project performance. The Evaluation Workgroup shall meet in accordance with the annual evaluation cycle.

For more informaiton please contact Charlie Winkler at