Permit Application Finder

This map displays permit applications and permits issued for work on Individual, Interior, and Scenic Landmarks, as well as Historic District buildings in all five boroughs. It includes detailed up-to-date information on the status of LPC permit applications filed and permits issued since January 1, 2016. It also has information on all active landmark violations issued and violations rescinded since January 1, 2020.

Users can search by address or docket number, or simply click on designated buildings and sites to see if there are any applications or permits issued for work that requires an LPC permit. It features a permit filter that lets you sort issued permits by Community Board District, Commission or Staff Level Approval, and Work Type. Applications or pending permits can be sorted by Community Board District. Click on the gear icon for more information on how to use the map. To learn more about permits, see our Applications page.

Note: The results provided by this search tool are not a substitute for a title search or other forms of legal due diligence. Violations may change from active to rescinded over time as they are corrected and/or removed.  

Screenshot of Permit Application Finder Map