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New York State Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP)

October 1, 2023 Important Update for ERAP Applicants

New York State ERAP applications stopped being accepted after January 20, 2023, at 9:00pm Eastern Standard Time. Individuals will not be able to submit applications, or complete applications that have been started but not submitted, after 9:00pm on January 20, 2023.

Applications submitted online at the OTDA ERAP page, by calling 844-NY1-RENT (844-691-7368), or with the assistance of a community-based organization before the application portal closed on January 20, 2023, will continue to be processed in the order received, consistent with State law and program rules.

If you applied for ERAP before the portal initially closed on November 14, 2021, and do not live in subsidized housing (e.g., NYCHA, Section 8, FHEPS, etc.), please submit proof of your ERAP application with your HRA application for rental assistance in accordance with State requirements.

If one of the following applies to you, you do not need to wait for an ERAP determination or to apply for ERAP before HRA can help with your rent arrears:

  • Have not applied for ERAP
  • Applied for ERAP before November 14, 2022 and received a determination but still have arrears not covered by ERAP
  • Applied for ERAP after January 11, 2022, and received a determination
  • Applied for ERAP after January 11, 2022 and have not received a determination
  • Applied for ERAP at any time and live in subsidized housing where rent is limited to a certain percentage of income, including NYCHA, Section 8, FHEPS, etc.

If you are at risk of eviction, you may be eligible for free legal assistance through HRA's Office of Civil Justice.

OTDA is currently reviewing and processing eligible ERAP applications submitted through January 20, 2023.

After the portal closes to new applications, tenants and landlords may continue to upload required documentation for pending submitted applications.

If you need assistance completing a previously submitted ERAP application or appealing the decisions you received from ERAP, please call the OTDA ERAP Hotline at 844-NY1-RENT (844-691-7368), operation Monday through Friday 9 a. m. – 6 p. m. EST. For the hearing impaired, TTY phone number: 1-833-843-8829.