Subsidy and Payment Standards

Subsidy and Payment Standards

Subsidy Standard

The Subsidy Standard refers to the maximum number of bedrooms the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) will subsidize. Subsidy Standards are based solely on the number of people residing in the assisted household. HPD will allot one bedroom/sleeping area per two people. HPD does not determine who shares a bedroom/sleeping room. If you rent an apartment with fewer bedrooms than what is listed on your voucher, your Payment Standard will match the number of bedrooms in the unit, not the voucher.

On January 1 2023, HPD updated its subsidy standards/voucher size. Section 8 Applicants who are searching for apartments received an Updated Voucher Notice indicating that their voucher size (number of bedrooms) has been increased due to HPD’s policy change, and which lists the revised voucher size based on family size. These letters serve as confirmation that HPD will honor the updated voucher size.

HPD will allot one bedroom per person, with the exception of married or partnered adults, who will be allocated one shared bedroom. If you rent an apartment with fewer bedrooms than what is listed on your voucher, your Payment Standard will match the number of bedrooms in the unit, not the voucher.

HPD’s Subsidy Standards

# of Household Members When no household members are partnered When any two household members are partnered
1 1 1
2 2 1
3 3 2
4 4 3
5 5 4
6 6 5
7 7 6

Payment Standard

The Payment Standard refers to the maximum amount of subsidy HPD will pay for an apartment of the same size. You may lease an apartment with a rent higher than the Payment Standard, but you must pay the difference and your total tenant share cannot exceed 40% of your income. HPD will not approve your subsidy in a unit where the landlord is a parent, child, grandparent, grandchild, sister or brother of any member of the assisted household. HPD may waive this restriction as a reasonable accommodation for a family member with a documented disability. To determine your Payment Standard, search by zip code using the dropdown menu below or by address using the map below.

HPD also uses Exception Payment Standards (EPS). EPS is set at the zip code level and allows for subsidy levels that more closely match the local market. EPS is intended to expand housing opportunities in zip codes that have lower rates of poverty and crime and have well-resourced schools. These areas are highlighted in the map below. Please note that EPS applies only to Section 8 voucher holders

HPD launched a pilot program, Housing Choice: HPD's Mobility Counseling Program, in July 2018, to help HPD Section 8 voucher holders access greater housing options in these higher opportunity areas. Learn more about Housing Choice

The Payment Standards below are effective January 1, 2023. Download the Payment Standard and Exception Payment Standard values for all zip codes.

Payment Standard Lookup Tool


Utility Allowances

The Utility Allowances in the table below are effective January 1, 2023. Utilities paid by the tenant must be subtracted from the Payment or Exception Payment Standard.

Bedrooms Gas Electric Total Gas and Electric Gas Heat and Hot Water Oil Head and Hot Water Electric Heat and Hot Water Heat Pump Heat and Hot Water Water and Sewage
SRO $24 $75 $99 $78 $119 $68 $38 $68
Studio $24 $75 $99 $78 $119 $68 $38 $68
1 $27 $85 $112 $91 $139 $80 $54 $72
2 $31 $110 $141 $112 $169 $104 $90 $100
3 $35 $136 $171 $130 $198 $130 $126 $142
4 $39 $162 $201 $150 $229 $154 $149 $184
5+ $43 $188 $231 $169 $258 $179 $171 $225

Section 8 Rents

Rent Reasonableness

The New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) is obligated by the US Department of Housing and Urban development (HUD) to determine that rents for subsidized apartments do not exceed rents for comparable unsubsidized apartments in the building or neighborhood. This "rent reasonableness" test is performed prior to approving subsidy and at any subsequent request for a rent increase. The owner may supply HPD with information on comparable apartments using the HPD Rent Comparable Form.

Rent Increases

Owners may apply to HPD for an increase in the contract rent once annually. Request must be submitted to HPD 60 days in advance of the effective date of the increase. Requests received by HPD after the effective date, if approved, will be made effective the 1st or 15th of the month that is 60 days after the date that HPD received the request. The owner’s proposed rent must be confirmed to be in accordance with any federal, state or local housing laws and regulations that apply to that particular building and/or apartment. To demonstrate this compliance, owners are encouraged to supply supporting documentation with their request. Owners should complete and return a Rent Increase-Decrease Request Form.