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Housing Choice: HPD's Mobility Counseling Program provides support to participating HPD Section 8 tenants and property owners to expand housing options to higher opportunity areas.

HPD increased the maximum rental subsidy in these higher opportunity areas, called Exception Payment Standard (EPS) areas, for all HPD Section 8 participants. These areas are zip codes where there are well-resourced schools and lower rates of poverty and crime. To learn more about these EPS zip codes, visit the Subsidy and Payment Standards webpage.

Owner Support

The program provides financial incentives to owners and brokers:

  • Bonuses at lease signing:
    • One month rent issued to owners
    • 15% annual rent issued to brokers
  • A Property Owner Liaison to expedite inspections, review paperwork, and coordinate lease-signing and payment processing
  • Post-leasing support to owners for up to two years after initial leasing

Tenant Support

Housing Choice is available to HPD Section 8 participatns who are enrolled in or are recent graduates of HPD's Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program. The program provides specialized counseling and services to help enrolled Housing Choice participants move to our target areas, which includes: 

  • Pre-move counseling to help with credit building, banking, budgeting, saving, and housing search
  • Financial assistance including the moving cost and packaging assistance, reimbursement for application for credit check fees, and travel to apartment viewings 

How can you prepare for Housing Choice?
There are limited participation slots. Here is how you can prepare for future cycles:

  • You must be an HPD Section 8 participant be in good standing with the program
  • You should consider enrolling in HPD's FSS Program by filling out the FSS Interest Form
  • You must address all rental arrears with your current landlord or property manager
  • You must address any housing court-related issues. You are not eligible if you are in an eviction process
  • You must show interest in moving to a higher opportunity area
  • You must complete the Housing Choice Interest Form with your most recent contact information. Only participants who indicate interest through the form will receive a Housing Choice application

Do you have immediate or emergency housing needs?
Housing Choice is not designed to meet immediate or emergency housing needs. However, New York City has many resources to help New Yorkers get, afford, and keep housing. Visit the NYC Housing Resources Portal at nyc.gov/housing to find the right resource for you.

Broker Support

Are you a broker who has access to apartments or houses in our EPS zip codes? If you’re interested in working with Housing Choice participants, please sign up below and our Property Owner Liaison will reach out to you. You can find EPS areas in New York City using the Payment Standard Lookup Tool.

Program Material


For more information about Housing Choice, please send an email with your contact information to housingchoice@hpd.nyc.gov and someone from the Housing Choice team will get back to you.