Pre-Qualified Lists (PQLs)

Pre-Qualified Lists (PQLs)

Pre-Qualified Lists (PQLs)

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100 Percent Affordable PQL

The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) and HPD have selected a list of pre-qualified developers for NYCHA's 100 Perfect Affordable program: 100 Percent Affordable PQL.

Housing Retention and Stabilization Services PQL

HPD has established a list of providers that are qualified to assist formerly homeless households moving into HPD-assisted new construction projects: Housing Retention and Stabilization Services PQL.


The pre-qualified list of M/WBE Sponsors seeks to promote participation among M/WBE sponsors in the development of affordable housing throughout the city: M/WBE PQL.

Marketing Agent PQL

This Pre-Qualified List (PQL) of Marketing Agents identifies entities to assume the marketing, lease-up, and sales responsibilities for City-sponsored affordable housing in HPD and/or HDC’s Marketing Affordability and Oversight Units’ portfolio: Marketing Agent PQL.

Owner's Representative PQL

The pre-qualified list of Owner's Representatives is intended to serve as a resource for mission-driven owners seeking to procure a representative for real estate consulting services: Owner's Representative PQL.

Qualified Mitchell-Lama Property Managers

HPD established a list of Qualified Mitchell-Lama Property Managers. The list is intended to serve as a resource for City Mitchell-Lama housing companies to find eligible property managers.

Qualified Preservation Buyers PQL

The list of qualified preservation buyers is intended to serve as a resource to which HPD may refer prospective sellers of property, community based organizations, and others deemed as appropriate when they are seeking a buyer to purchase property and preserve affordability: Qualified Preservation Buyers List

Security Deposit Alternatives PQL

HPD and HDC established a list of pre-qualified providers of security deposit alternatives that can be used by developers and marketing agents of City and HDC-sponsored projects. Developers and marketing agents can offer these services to prospective tenants during the lease up phase.