Qualified Mitchell-Lama Property Managers

Qualified Mitchell-Lama Property Managers

The list of qualified Mitchell-Lama property managers is intended to serve as a resource for City Mitchell-Lama housing companies to find eligible property managers. If the Mitchell-Lama Housing Company is financed by HDC, they would also have to comply with HDC’s requirements, which includes a separate review from the HPD RFQ.

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A-1 Realty Management, Inc.

Contact: Peter J. Alizio
Email: peter@pjalizio.com
Phone: 516-203-3950
Website: https://a1realtymgmt.com/
Specialties: Mitchell-Lama, LIHTC, Section

A-1 Realty Management, Inc. is a real estate management company with a special focus on middle and low income multi-family housing. Our current management portfolio includes:

  • Rent stabilized apartments
  • Mitchell-Lama apartments
  • Apartments with tenant based vouchers administered by:
    • The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA),
    • New York City Housing Preservation Development (HPD) and
    • New York state Housing and Community Renewal (HCR).
  • Apartments with project based subsidy though a Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) agreement.
  • properties with HUD insured mortgages and
  • Properties with multiple overlapping subsidy programs.

One of our properties was the first City Mitchell-Lama to be financed through the use of Low Income Housing Tax Credits.

Arco Management Corp.

Contact: Jeffrey P. Goldstein
Email: jpg@mmsgroup.com
Phone: 212-765-7900 Ext. #3360
Specializations: Property management, Leasing and Marketing, Maintenance and Construction, Compliance, Asset Management, Financial Analysis, Accounting, Capital Planning and Consulting Services

Founded in 1974, Arco Management Corp and affiliates have grown to one of the largest property management companies in the country. While properties are concentrated in the New York area we currently manage over 40,000 units including multifamily (PBRA/PBV), low income housing tax credits (LIHTC), HOME-funded, HUD Section 202, Public Housing, and similar affordable housing programs. Arco and affiliates were ranked 15th in the 2019 NAHMA Affordable 100 listing.

Our Headquarters are located at 4 Executive Boulevard, Suite 100, Suffern, NY 10109. We maintain a New York City office at 152 W. 57th Street, 18th Floor, New York, NY, 10019.

Our staff of approximately 200 real estate professionals includes accountants, compliance, human resource, training and development, risk management, purchasing, capital projects and administrative specialists.

Affordable housing is the cornerstone of our portfolio and our passion. We have successfully leased-up over 2,000 rehab acquisition and new construction LIHTC units, primarily in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. We have extensive experience with multiple layers of subsidy and work with state regulatory and financing agencies including New York DHCR. It is a level of complexity that few management firms possess.

Our Staff have initiated and obtained financing through the 8A Loan program, conventional funding and NYSERDA initiatives. We have vast experience with J-51 filings s and are well versed in all Local Law, ensuring that all filings are completed on time. We are also active in helping our clients generate revenue through energy conservation measures. We have forged productive relationships with the NYS Department of Housing and Community Renewal and NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development.

C + C Apartment Management LLC

Contact: Jenny Salcedo
Email: jsalcedo@ccmanagers.com
Phone: 212-348-3248
Website: www.ccmanagers.com
Specialties: LIHTC, Section 8, 236, Mitchell-Lama

C + C Apartment Management, LLC prides itself on a proactive approach to management which allows us to anticipate and deal with problems and situations before they occur. We view our role as a customer service specialist. We always ensure that the right decisions are made to achieve the needs and goals of our clients, investors and residents. We know that the quality of life each resident experiences while living in our properties is dependent upon caring and proficient management. As such, our priorities are focused upon providing responsive service, maintaining the property in a meticulous manner, and staying attuned to industry innovations that can help us enhance our performance.

Century Management Services, Inc

Contact: A.J. Rexhepi
Email: arexhepi@centuryny.com
Phone: 212-560-6407
Website: www.centuryny.com
Specialties: All third-party management services / capital improvement planning.

Century Management Services, Inc. stands as a beacon of excellence in the dynamic landscape of property management in New York. Established in 1971, this forward-thinking company has rapidly ascended to become a trusted leader in the industry, renowned for its commitment to unparalleled service and client satisfaction.

With a collective wealth of experience in real estate, finance, and customer service, Century strives to be a company that not only meets but exceeds the diverse needs of property owners, investors, and tenants. What sets Century Management Services, Inc. apart is its unwavering dedication to innovation and efficiency. The company embraces technologies to streamline operations, enhance communication, and provide clients with real-time insights into their properties. From residential to commercial properties, Century Management Services, Inc. employs a customized approach, recognizing the unique requirements of each asset and tailoring solutions that maximize value. At the core of Century Management Services, Inc.'s success is its team of highly skilled and motivated professionals. The company fosters a culture of continuous learning and development, ensuring that its staff remains at the forefront of industry trends and regulations. This commitment translates into exceptional service, proactive problem-solving, and a level of expertise that instills confidence in clients. With a portfolio spanning across the five boroughs and New Jersey, Century Management Services, Inc. has earned a reputation for its meticulous attention to detail, transparent communication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. As the company looks towards the future, it remains dedicated to shaping the skyline of New York City, one property at a time, by delivering unparalleled property management services that stand the test of time.

Citadel Property Management Corp.

Contact: Michael Crespo FMP, CAPS, ARM, RAM, CMCA, NYARM
Email: mcrespo@citadelnyc.com
Phone: 646-654-0722
Website: www.citadelnyc.com
Specialties: Co-op's, Condo's, HOA's, Community Associations, HDFC's, Mitchell-Lama, Section 8, Residential, Commercial, Multi-Family, Facilities

Citadel Property Management Corp. is a leading Real Estate Property Management and Real Estate Services company servicing the New York metropolitan area, (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx) Westchester and Connecticut. We are specialists in the field of real estate property management, construction management, facilities management, development and real estate brokerage.

Our clients include Community Associations, HOA’s, HDFC’s, Co-op’s, Condo’s, Corporations, Institutions, Syndicates, Individuals and private investors.

Our management business was founded on the principles of hard work, integrity, responsibility, accountability and transparency. In brokerage; Citadel has the knowledge, experience and a sophisticated understanding of the NYC market to assist you in marketing your property to gain the maximum exposure needed to attain the highest potential value.

At Citadel, we believe that by working closely with our clients to identify their individual needs and goals we can bring better value to their investments with the confidence and security to rest assured that their best interests are being well served by a team of experienced professionals. At Citadel we take an enormous amount of pride in a job well done and our clients’ goal attained. Give us a call! We look forward to working with you.

Citadel Property Management is A+ Rated accredited business with the Better Business Bureau and is a Qualified Vendor with NYC’s (HPD) Housing Preservation and Development for Mitchell Llama Properties. Citadel is rated the best property management company in NYC 2019 by www.propertymanagement.com

Citadel Property Management is a NY Accredited Realty Manager (NYARM), Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA), Registered in Apartment Management (RAM), Accredited Residential Manager (ARM), Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor (CAPS), Facility Management Professional(FMP), Certified in Real Estate Development – NYU. Licensed Real Estate Brokers NY, CT, PA, FL.

Dolphin Property Services LLC

Contact: Peter Murray
Email: pmurray@dolphinps.com
Phone: 718-509-5881 Website: dolphinps.com
Specialties:LIHTC, Section 8, HUD, HOME

Dolphin Property Services, LLC (“DPS”) is headquartered in Yonkers, NY and has satellite offices in Brooklyn and upper Manhattan. DPS was founded in 2011 by Peter Murray, the principal owner of DPS and managing member/general partner of many of the properties managed and operated by DPS. DPS was formed to provide property management, compliance and consulting services to developers and investors involved in real estate and real estate development in the NY metropolitan area. DPS is currently providing property management, LIHTC compliance and consulting services as well as investment advice to third parties interested in benefiting from the value added by the services provided..


Contact: Denise DiPalo
Email: denise@elhmgmt.com
Phone: 718-509-5881 Website: www.elhmgmt.com
Specialties: LIHTC, Section 8, Co-op/Condo, Mid/Mod Rentals, Maintenance Repairs, Complete Renovation Rehab-Turnaround, Distress Property

Larry Hirschfield has been an owner, manager and developer of residential real estate in New York City since 1992. ELH Mgmt. LLC. was formed in 1995 as the focus became affordable housing. Through ELH Mgmt., Hirschfield has been responsible for the renovation and new construction of more than 2000 units of affordable housing. A leading developer of affordable housing in the City of New York, active in The Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan, Larry Hirschfield is on the Board of Directors of New York State Association for Affordable Housing (NYSAFAH) and the Citizens Housing and Planning Council.

ELH Mgmt., known for hands-on management, has been responsible for the management of over 2000 units of affordable preservation and new construction projects. ELH has worked in numerous HPD programs since 1995. Starting with the Neighborhood Entrepreneurs Program, renovating and managing In Rem housing ELH went on to the Third-Party Transfer Program and then became active as a 7A Administrator. As a court appointed 7A Administrator ELH managed some of the most distressed buildings in New York City. ELH has managed limited equity coops, condos, many LIHTC projects and other affordable housing projects with a variety of affordability tiers. ELH has also managed many scattered site projects as well as large scale new construction projects.

ELH’s experience managing In Rem and other distressed property types has led to an expertise in turning around physically distressed property and restoring projects to solid financial footings.

ELH has managed portfolios for not for profit affordable housing owners lacking the expertise to fully address physical, financial and compliance requirements. ELH has an experienced tax credit compliance department that ensures compliance with existing portfolio requirements, leases up new projects and maintains required waiting lists.

FirstService Residential New York, Inc.

Contact: Tal Eyal, Executive Vice President
Email: tal.eyal@fsresidential.com
Phone: 212-634-8907
Contact: James Bovino
Email: james.bovino@fsresidential.com
Phone: 212-634-5410
Website: www.fsresidential.com/new-york
Specialties: Mitchell-Lama Cooperatives

FirstService Residential is recognized as an expert in the management of New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) and New York State Homes and Community Renewal (HCR) Mitchell-Lama housing. Our long-standing relationships with HPD and HCR enable us to help our board members successfully navigate the myriad of Mitchell-Lama regulations, thus protecting the building and its shareholders. We are the largest manager of multi-family apartment buildings in New York City with more than 500 buildings under management. Our Mitchell Lama division manages communities throughout New York City.

Our property managers and subject matter experts have decades of experience, specializing in Mitchell-Lama community management as well as project management, financial management, insurance, and energy efficiency. FirstService Residential property managers are equipped with the skills to guide board members and shareholders through day-to-day needs and lead the way when planning for the future or dealing with special circumstances, like unexpected emergencies or natural disasters.

Our financial management team is trained and experienced in the unique accounting and bookkeeping standards applicable to Mitchell-Lama housing, including the administration and processing of SCRIE. As part of FirstService Corporation, a publicly held company, we adhere to Sarbanes-Oxley financial control requirements and hold ourselves to the highest standards of transparency and accountability.

We also specialize in resale processing according to the rules and regulations of HPD and HCR and can assist the board in establishing move-in/move-out procedures and guidelines, alteration policies and other agreements affecting resale.

FirstService Residential has the expertise and resources to fulfill our promise to make a difference, every day, for each of the properties we manage. For more than 40 years, we’ve provided unparalleled services, setting a benchmark for the industry – and we continue to raise the bar year after year.

GRC Management

Contact: Ryan Moorehead
Email: RMoorehead@grcrealty.com
Phone: 718-642-8700
Website: grcrealty.com

Grenadier Realty Management LLC (“GRC”) is a full-service affordable housing property management company based in the NYC Metropolitan Area since 1976. Today, GRC has a wide range of properties under management, which includes affordable housing Section 8, Section 202, Low-Income Housing Tax Credit to several thousand rent stabilized rentals. Our experience includes properties that fall under numerous government programs. These programs include Project-based Section 8, Section 236, Senior Housing Programs, Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, Mitchell-Lama, Low- and Moderate-Income Rentals and Section 8 RAD. GRC also manages properties with tenants who have Section 8 Housing Vouchers issued by NYCHA, HPD and HCR. GRC has always been a leader in the affordable housing management industry and we continually strive to maintain that level of quality. We also provide a full range of real estate management services, from on-site administration, accounting, construction management, purchasing and capital budgeting to resident initiatives and community relations programs.

Innovative Property Management & Development, Inc.

Contact: Miriam Rodriguez
Email: Miriam@ipmdevelopment.com
Phone: 718-552-2895
Website: www.ipmdevelopment.com
Specialties: LIHTC, Section 8, Condo/Coop
M/WBE: Yes

Innovative Property Management & Development., Inc. (IPM) is a team of highly motivated individuals dedicated to the development and management of diversified real estate ventures characterized by superb quality and economic viability. Our strength is generated from our commitment to our clients, our people, our industry and our communities.

Innovative Property Management & Development Inc. is a full-service, diversified real estate company with apartment communities, commercial properties and residential communities located in the five (5) Boroughs of New York and in New Jersey. Innovative Property Management & Development., Inc. has been providing high quality developments and real estate services for over 20 years and currently manages over 60 million dollars in real estate, which includes Affordable Housing, Senior Residential Properties, Tax Credit and Home properties, Market Properties, Commercial real estate properties, Single families, Condominiums, Coop’s and more. Innovative Property Management & Development., Inc. is committed to providing our residents, tenants and partners with continued excellence in all of our real estate products and services.

Lisa Management, Inc.

Contact: Jorge L. Jorge
Email: JJorge@lisamgmt.com
Phone: 212-353-8223
Website: www.lisamgmt.com
Specialities: LIHTC, Section 8, Multifamily Management, Resident Programming and Engagement, Large Scale Capital Project Management

History: Lisa Management Incorporated (LMI) was established in 1997 to oversee properties developed by The Hudson Companies Inc. to ensure that their developments operate as efficiently as possible while maintaining the highest quality of life for its residents. Since its inception, LMI’s portfolio has grown to consist of over 2,000 residential units in approximately 100 multifamily properties.

Who we are: LMI is a full-service property manager from its on-the-ground account executives, to its accounting, compliance, marketing and leasing divisions. Our portfolio managers have hands-on experience managing properties and possess an intricate knowledge of all building systems and management functions. As such, they are well-qualified to supervise all building staff teams as well as vendors, contractors and professional service providers. They prepare and review budgets and financial statements, coordinate with compliance on certifications, and strategize with leasing and marketing to maintain healthy occupancy and mitigate vacancy loss. As a team, LMI’s staff is finely tuned to both the macro and micro aspects of managing residential multi-family buildings and income generating commercial properties.

Our Achievements: Currently manage 2,000 + residential apartments, including rentals, condos and co-ops. This portfolio contains about 1300 affordable units and 700 market rate units, with an additional 500 units being added in 2020. Manage approximately 150,000 SF of commercial and retail space in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Roosevelt Island. Annual rent collection of $2.5 million dollars. Managed and executed $30.5 million dollars + of projects on client’s behalf, inclusive NYSERDA upgrades, masonry and structural repair, commercial buildouts, lobby rehabilitation, major capital improvements, individual apartment improvements, elevator upgrades, gut renovations, efficiency HVAC upgrades, emergency responses, and more. Received an excellence award from Kingsley® Index and consistently ranked high in Resident satisfaction.

Marion Scott Real Estate Inc.

Contact: Alex Freedman
Email: afreedman@marionscott.com
Phone: 929-376-7757
Website: www.marionscott.com/
Specialities: NYS/NYC Mitchell-Lama, LIHTC, HUD (Section 8, Section 202, Section 236 and RAD)
M/WBE: Yes

History: Marion Scott Real Estate, Inc. (“MSI”) began in 1990 and has a track record of over 30 years successfully managing residential and commercial properties. As a leader in the industry, our portfolio includes 7,000 apartments and 100 commercial units. Building on our 30+ years of successes in the affordable housing, mixed-use and commercial arenas, our full-service platform is positioned to add significant value across all markets.

What sets us apart from our competition is our pro-active problem-solving expertise and high-touch approach to day to day management. These strengths drive what has become our excellent reputation and facilitate our consistent accomplishments in capital improvements, maximizing revenues and reducing costs for our clients.

Maxwell-Kates, Inc.

Contact: David DeGidio
Phone: 212-684-8282
Email: ddegidio@maxwellkates.com
Website: www.maxwellkates.com
Specialties: Condo/Coop, HUD, Mitchell-Lama, LIHTC, Section 8, 236

MAXWELL-KATES, INC. is a residential management company which has provided property management services throughout New York City since May 1986.

At Maxwell-Kates, we have earned a reputation for listening to our clients concerns and understanding individual building goals. We recognize our clients rely on us to help navigate ever changing regulations and laws impacting the cooperative and condominium industry. Utilizing our vast experience and resources, we can support and guide the Boards we work with through all components of building operation; physical plant, staff supervision, budgeting and financial, as well as interacting with the supporting professionals such as engineers, architects, and attorneys.

We dedicate our resources and provide the tools necessary to ensure that each of our buildings is responsibly managed and building residents addressed promptly and professionally. Each building is managed by an experienced Account Executive with the support of an Assistant Property Manager. Our account executives have the additional support of our Managing Directors, who are highly respected and experienced long-term industry professionals.

Maxwell-Kates utilizes a centralized database, currently overseen by a Director of Compliance, which tracks deadlines, building department requirements, as well as compliance with various city and state regulations, allowing our property managers to give our clients the time and attention they require. This system of checks and balances ensures that deadlines are not missed, and our client’s properties are exceptionally managed.

Maxwell-Kates provides the most comprehensive and efficient management services available in the industry. Though we provide ancillary services such as engineering, utility audits, security, sales and leasing, our primary focus remains on property management. Our focused approach has allowed us to satisfy our client ’s needs consistently and maintain an impeccable service record.

Metro Management Development, Inc.

Contact: David Baron, President
Phone: 718-706-7755 ext. 8901
Email: dbaron@metromanagementdev.com
Website: www.metromanagementdev.com

Metro Management Development, Inc., founded in 1985, is a multifaceted Property Management firm with a diverse client base. With over 150 distinct properties in its managed portfolio, Metro provides services to 35,000 units, comprising Cooperatives, Condominiums, Cond-ops, Residential Rental & Commercial, as well as, 35 City and State supervised Mitchell-Lama Cooperative communities. Organizationally, Metro has a staff of over 135 persons to meet all management and support needs. David Baron is a working principal of the firm and brings over 30 years of true hands-on real estate management experience to his clientele.

MHR Management, Inc.

Contact: John Warren
Email: jw@workforcehousinggroup.com
Phone: 646-564-3716
Website: www.mhrmgmt.com
Specialties: LIHTC, HDFC’s

MHR Management, Inc. was founded in 1992 by Maria H. Rosado and was acquired in April 2017 by the founding members of Workforce Housing Group, John Crotty and John Warren, who have many years of experience in the affordable housing field. MHR Management provides property management services for the buildings developed by Workforce Housing Group as well as rental and owner occupied multifamily buildings for other clients. The firm manages properties across the city developed through various State and City affordable housing programs. MHR specializes in LIHTC and HDFC coops as well as repositioning and stabilizing distressed assets.

New Bedford Management Corp.

Contact: Peter von Simson, CEO
Email: peterv@nbmgmt.com
Phone: 212-674-6123

New Bedford Management Corp. is a multi-faceted property management company that began operations in 1985 and has been headquartered in New York City since inception. With a staff of over 50 employees, including property managers, financial analysts and compliance specialists, New Bedford Management’s staff is able to provide same day responses to inquiries, requests and general information. With over 160 properties in all five boroughs, New Bedford Management’s portfolio includes cooperatives, condominiums, Mitchell-Lama cooperatives/ City & State, HDFC, HUD Subsidized buildings and residential rentals. New Bedford Management’s brand of service is based on providing our client with transparency, proactive solutions & comprehensive management.

P&L Management Corp.

PRC Management Corporation

Contact: Ben Linde
Email: BenL@prcny.com
Phone: 212-585-0500
Website: www.prcny.com
Specialties: LIHTC, Section 8, RAD, Mitchell Lama, Tenant-in-place Rehabilitation

PRC Management Corporation is the management arm of Property Resources Corporation (PRC) which has owned and operated multi-family residential real estate since its inception in 1971. PRC Management Corporation has over 50 years of multi-family management experience and currently manages over 50 buildings containing in excess of 4,600 apartment units. Of these units, approximately 2,100 are owned by PRC. The Entire portfolio managed by PRC Management Corporation ranges from high-end luxury rentals and co-ops to middle and low-income rental properties, many with community space facilities. Incorporated in our managed developments are over 40 project-based Section 8 and Tax Credit properties.

PRC Management Corporation’s experience includes developing projects from initial planning and inception, through development, rent-up, and continuous stabilized management. Together, PRC Management Corporation and (PRC) have over 20 years of experience managing both market rate and limited equity co-operatives. Additionally, within the past 10 years, we have managed over 3,500 units of Mitchell Lama housing. This vast experience has provided us the opportunity to work with many Boards of Directors and we are confident in our ability to collaborate and provide information that empowers Boards to make the best decisions for their communities. The key to our ongoing success is our ability to maintain seamless lines of communication between residents, management staff, local governments, and the surrounding communities in order to optimize quality of life for all residents at all of our properties.

PRC employs over 100 professionals who assist in tenant relations, building maintenance, building management, accounting, and purchasing. This professional team is overseen by experienced management executives including General Managers, Property Managers, Accountants, Directors of Maintenance, a fully integrated Compliance Department, a Violations Department, and a Legal Department. Our General Managers direct the day-to-day operations at each site, manage tenant relationships and communications, oversee the onsite maintenance staff, and ensure that all compliance is properly and timely conducted in conjunction with our Compliance Department.

Prestige Management, Inc.

Contact: Horace Henry
Email: hhenry@prestigemgt.com
Phone: 718-822-7471
Website: www.Prestigemgt.com
Specialties: LIHTC, HUD Section 8, HUD 236, HUD 202 Sr. Housing, HPD/ DHCR Mitchell- Lama, HDC Coops, HDFC’s

Prestige Management Inc. is an established, successful and large minority professional management company. We are incorporated under the laws of the State of New York, as a licensed real estate company. Prestige Management provides the highest quality real estate management services for owners and residents - particularly in the area of affordable housing. The owners of Prestige Management have more than 80 years of housing management experience combined.

Founded in 1991, Prestige Management has been active in most aspects of the property management industry. Our specialty is in the management and oversight of cooperative developments throughout New York City. We are experts in reporting and funding requirements of properties enrolled in the Mitchell-Lama program and the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program, as well as the regulations covering the Rent Control and Rent Stabilization programs. We have secured J-52 tax abatement benefits for many our clients; guided building through mortgage restructurings and refinancing; and secured millions of dollars in grants for capital improvement, energy upgrades through the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, and the Weatherization Assistance Program.

We manage assets valued at over $250 million, with annual operating budgets in excess of $70 million. Our current portfolio includes more than 8,000 residential units and 65 commercial spaces, located around the city. We presently manage fifty-five entities (55) incorporating nine (9) Mitchell-Lama properties.

Prestige Management was the leading management firm in energy conservation and green properties and was awarded by Con Edison as the first management company to win the top awards in three (3) categories in their green program. We have received awards and recognition by various organizations, including but not limited to Crain’s New York Business, Harlem Congregations for Community Improvement, Local Initiatives Support Corporation, and the RAM Board of the Associated Builders and Owners of New York.

Project Find

Reliant Realty Services, LLC

Contact: Jayme Rosskopf, VP of Portfolio Operations
Email: JRosskopf@reliantrs.com
Phone: 646-618-7814
Website: http://www.reliantrs.com/
Specialties: LIHTC, Section 8, 236, Mitchell-Lama

Founded in 2007, Reliant Realty Services, LLC (“Reliant”) is a full service property management company focused on affordable housing. Reliant manages over 13,000 units across six states and employs 110 full-time corporate staff members in addition to regional managers, onsite property managers, administrative staff, and property maintenance personnel to provide the services needed to properly manage its portfolio. All aspects of Reliant’s property management operations are guided by the fiduciary responsibilities that we have to our property owners, HUD, the IRS, state agencies, syndicators and others. Reliant has 15 years’ experience managing affordable properties that accept Section 8 vouchers, from a wide range of housing agencies including but not limited to NYCHPD, NYCHA, and CVR, and over 10 years’ experience managing Mitchell-Lama properties. Reliant’s approach to property management includes improving the quality of life not only for our residents, but also for the communities where we operate. Reliant has long standing relationships with local and state monitoring agencies, and HFA/HCR has never issued an IRS 8823 finding for any Reliant managed property.

Rose Community Management, LLC

Contact: Thomas Morren or Colleen Mohney
Email: tmorren@rosecommunity.com or cmohney@rosecommunity.com
Phone: 216-393-8000
Website: https://rosecommunity.com
Specialties: Section 8, PRAC, LIHTC, PBRA, RAD

Rose Community Management, LLC. (RCM) was formed on March 1, 2017 after Jonathan Rose Companies purchased the affordable property management arm of a nationally recognized real estate investment trust. Many of our current team transitioned to RCM as part of that acquisition which includes Regional and Community Managers, on-site leasing and maintenance teams and Office Support Staff comprising Asset Management, Accounting, HUD, LIHTC and HOME Compliance, IT, Marketing and Administration.

RCM’s multifamily portfolio is diverse in its product type, location and includes federally assisted housing, Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), mixed income and market rate communities. Each of which requires specific management, marketing and resident service expertise, in addition to programmatic compliance needs. Consisting of more than 50 communities located in 43 cities and 10 states, Rose Community Management has the experience and resources to provide the comprehensive marketing, leasing, maintenance and management services to maximize net operating income and meet the owner’s goals and objectives across our portfolio of nearly 10,000 apartment homes.

When Rose Community Management assumes the management of developments, it lays the foundation for longstanding relationships with its local, state, or federal partners. We build on those foundations by maintaining relationships and reinvesting in our properties and in the communities where they are located. RCM serves as the on-site day to day property manager, performing a full range of property management services including leasing and marketing, operations, maintenance and repair, and capital improvements. The management associates are responsible for developing and implementing the marketing and operating strategy for each property within the portfolio.

RY Management Co., Inc.

Contact: Robert Vaccarello
Email: tfriedman@rymanagement.com
Phone: 212-534-7771 ext. 148
Website: www.rymanagement.com
Specialties: LIHTC, Section 8, Section 236, Mitchell-Lama cooperatives and rentals

Founded in 1980, RY Management Co., Inc. manages a portfolio of over 9,500 residential apartments in cooperative, condominium and rental developments located in New York and New Jersey. RY is the management branch of The DeMatteis Organizations (the owner) and has opened and managed many of their properties, as well as properties for third party owners.

Our property portfolio includes both market rate and affordable rentals and cooperatives/condominiums. We are experienced in all forms of affordable housing programs including (but not limited to) Project Based and Voucher Section 8, HUD 236, PBRA, New York State and City Mitchel-Lama, LIHTC and Rent Stabilization.

RY has built a solid reputation in the industry and was awarded the prestigious designation of Accredited Management Organization (AMO) by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM), a national accreditation body, for demonstrating professionalism, ethical practices, management expertise and financial stability. RY is currently one of only a select number New York area management companies to hold this designation. The Associated Builders and Owners of Greater New York named RY the Managing Agent of the Year in 1995, 1997 and 2002. RY was also awarded the Outstanding Management Company of the Year award by IREM in 1999, 2000, 2009 and January 2020. Our experience has also been recognized by three other major developers, the Cord-Meyer Development Corporation, Steiner NYC and Urban Residential LLC, which each retained the firm as managing agent for several buildings in which they have an ownership interest.

The company’s philosophy is predicated on the implementation of strong preventive maintenance programs and asset management that over a long-term period enhance the value of a property. RY’s success is attributed to not only many years of property management experience, but the ability to bring additional resources to a property when needed to address any problem.

Shinda Management Corporation

Contact: Russell Bramwell
Email: russell.bramwell@akidacorp.com
Phone: 347-534-3202
Specialties: HUD NY/NJ (Section 8, Section 202, Section 236, Section 202/8, Section 202-PRAC, & RAD), NYS/NYC Mitchell-Lama, NJHMFA, NYSHFA, NYC HPD Programs (7A administration, TPT, NEP, etc.), LIHTC, LIHTC/Sec 8, LIRP, LAMP
M/WBE: Yes

SMC was founded and incorporated in the State of New York in 1981 by its co-founders Richard C. Bramwell Sr. and the late Samuel Granville.

What has distinguished SMC from its competitors is the fact that we have had the ability to maintain the management of our properties for decades and have been instrumental in repositioning many these developments to preserve the affordable.

We have established relationships with many Federal, State and city housing agencies as well as syndicators and lending institutions which have resulted in the overall operating success of the housing companies that we manage.

The Corporation’s property management portfolio consists primarily of rental housing for elderly and handicapped residents, veterans, governmentally-assisted cooperative housing, Low Income Housing Tax Credit and governmentally-assisted rental housing through such programs as: HUD NY/NJ (Section 8, Section 202, Section 236, Section 202/8, Section 202-PRAC, & RAD), NYS/NYC Mitchell Lama, NJHMFA, NYSHFA, NYC HPD Programs (7A administration, TPT, NEP, etc.), LIHTC, LIHTC/Sec 8, LIRP, LAMP. Our portfolio also consists of Rent Stabilized and Commercial Properties. The properties are of varying sizes and are located throughout the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan area. At present, our portfolio consists of approximately 6,000 rental units as well as coops and condominiums.

OUR VISION AND MISSION Vision: Investing in our people, our properties and our communities to build a lifestyle of prosperity. Mission: We’re determined to maintain a thriving culture. We are focused on enhancing team effectiveness. We promote individual and collective growth within the community by redefining affordable housing.


Contact: Charee Russell
Email: chareer@spm.net
Phone: 646-470-5310 or 205-639-5192 cell 813-477-8607
Website: www.spm.net
Specialties: HUD, Section 8, 202, PRAC, 236, LIHTC, HOME, TCEP, RAD, Conventional, Rehab, Lease-up and Senior Living

SPM, LLC is recognized as an expert in the professional management of New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) and Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) apartment communities and has a portfolio of 192 communities with over 19,000 apartment homes. 145 of these communities are under the umbrella of affordable programs including HUD, LIHTC, HOME, TCEP, Section 202, PRAC, Section 236 and Section 8, some with multiple layers of financing.

Over the past 44 years, SPM has developed a successful track record of managing affordable housing. A long-standing relationship with HPD and HUD has enabled SPM to help Board members successfully navigate the multitude of Mitchell-Lama regulations, thus protecting buildings and owners. With four decades of experience in affordable housing, coupled with the collective experience of its management team, SPM provides expertise in regulations, policies and procedures for managing physical inspections (REAC), resident selection, resident certifications, subsidy billings, financial accounting and disaster recovery.

SPM has a proven track record with working with Developers on construction and renovation projects. Our management team, is able to successfully complete projects on time and within budget with minimal disruption to residents and property operations. The SPM team also negotiates vendor discounts and better terms on services including energy, insurance, banking, Local Law compliance, tax certiorari and more. Our full service management platform allows owners to concentrate on their financial goals, rather than focusing on day-to-day operations. Whatever your needs are, SPM can tailor your property management services to the specific needs of the community. SPM is committed to maximizing operating budgets and growing income, while enhancing the quality of life for residents by providing exceptionally well managed communities.

Tudor Realty Services Corp.

Contact: Andrew S. Lazarus
Email: ALazarus@TudorRealty.com
Phone: 212-557-3600
Website: www.TudorRealty.com
Specialties: Residential Property Management, Co-Op, Condominium, Mitchell-Lama & HDFC

Tudor Realty Services Corp. has been proudly serving New York City’s residential cooperative and condominium community since 1990. Tudor Realty is distinguished by our teamwork approach to client service, the hands-on involvement of our principals and senior executives, our superior financial reporting, use of technology to provide user-friendly communication and reporting tools and our superior level of customer service. TRS has extensive experience and a long track record managing Mitchell Lama and HDFC properties and working with regulatory agencies, including NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development, HDC, and HUD.

Vintage Real Estate Services, Ltd.

Contact: Jeff Friedman / Brandon Sherman
Email: Info@vintageresl.com / Jeff@vintageresl.com / Brandon@vintageresl.com
Phone: 212-736-3680
Fax: 212-736-3680
Website: www.VintageRESL.com

Vintages’ team of dedicated professionals has proudly served the unique needs of the New York City real estate community for 40 years. Specializing in City and State Mitchell-Lama’s as well as both private cooperatives and condominiums, Vintage Real Estate Services is defined by its effective, highly – responsive management style and unmatched ability to act as your “eighth board member”. Vintage Prides itself on its commitment to ensuring all its clients’ needs are met, and for being readily available by phone, email, or in person for any situation.

Wavecrest Management

Contact: Jennifer Steinberg
Email: scamerata@twmt.net
Phone: 718-463-1200
Website: www.WavecrestManagement.com
Specialties: LIHTC, Section 8, NYCHA PACT

Wavecrest Management is a family-owned and operated management company that specializes in the management of affordable housing, employing more than 200 staff members to assist our residents. Wavecrest is committed to preserving the financial and physical viability of residential buildings across New York City. It is our goal to ensure that residents of our properties are proud to call their buildings home.

As one of the largest management companies in New York City, overseeing more than 30,000 units in buildings of all sizes, the Wavecrest team takes a personal approach to our work, holding ourselves responsible for the efficient, diligent, and considerate administration of all building operations. Wavecrest meets the financial and legal expectations of our building owners while providing our residents with the respect, attention, and assistance needed to maintain a safe, clean, and well-cared-for place to live. Many of our employees are long-term members of the Wavecrest “family” and residents regularly come to know our executive team personally.

At Wavecrest, our work is grounded in the understanding that our role impacts not only the homes of over 85,000 residents, but also their lives and communities. As a full-service management company with a focus on affordable housing, we go above and beyond to enhance the lives of our residents. We partner with a variety of community organizations and social service programs to offer access to food pantries, educational enrichment services, mental health clinics, youth employment programs, senior services and events and initiatives aimed at increasing community engagement and quality of life.

With over 40 years of industry experience and a passion for providing opportunities that can improve residents’ lives, Wavecrest is an invaluable partner in the high-quality management and care of buildings and communities across New York.


Contact: Brian Leverone, Divisional Vice President
Email: bleverone@winnco.com
Phone: 617-590-9688
Website: www.winncompanies.com
Specialties: LIHTC, HOME, Section 8, 236, NYC Rent Stabilized

WinnCompanies is an award-winning national developer and manager of high-impact affordable, middle income, mixed-income and market rate housing communities. Founded in Boston in 1971 and supported by 3,670 team members in 23 states and the District of Columbia, WinnResidential, the company’s property management arm, is one of the nation’s leading multi-family housing managers with 105,000 units under management. It is the largest manager of affordable housing in the United States and a leading manager of privatized U.S. military housing. Through the efforts of its development arm, WinnDevelopment, WinnCompanies owns apartment communities in 10 states and the District of Columbia.

West Side Federation for Senior and Supportive Housing

Contact: Jennifer Steinberg
Email: jsteinberg@wsfssh.org
Phone: 212-721-6032 x. 1016
Website: www.wsfssh.org
Specialties: LIHTC, Section 8, DRIE/SCRIE

WSFSSH’s primary mission is to provide stability to elderly and at-risk tenants through housing. Our experience over the last 45 years developing and operating a range of housing models for low-income seniors has only served to reinforce our belief that integrating housing with services is essential to help residents achieve stability, remain permanently housed, and age in place. Appropriate on-site resident services create a community where all residents can feel safe, accepted, respected, and valued. WSFSSH has 31 buildings and over 2,500 units in Manhattan and the Bronx under our ownership and management.