Discretionary Contracts

Discretionary Contracts

Discretionary funds are funds that non-profit, community-based social service providers use to meet the needs of local communities. The funds are allocated by the Members of the New York City Council. City agencies, such as DYCD, administer Discretionary contract funds.

Processing Information

Before downloading and completing your Fiscal Year 2019 Discretionary Contract package, please complete the following steps:

  1. Please review the Council Database website to find out your organization’s status and to confirm that your organization’s legal name, EIN, address and the Purpose of Funds for your allocation(s) are correct. If anything is incorrect or needs to be changed, you must contact your Council Member’s office immediately. If your organization or allocation is not in the database, you should contact your Council Member’s office.
  2. Please search for your organization by name or EIN on the MOCS Discretionary Award Tracker. Once you have found your organization, please check the Award Status for each allocation. If you are listed as “Cleared”, please proceed and complete the appropriate contract package by going to the Download Your Discretionary Contract page. In addition, please take note of each individual Award Number for each allocation received in Fiscal Year 2019 as you will need each Award Number for inclusion in your FY2019 Discretionary Contract package.
  3. If an award for your organization is “Pending Clearance” please review the MOCS Discretionary Award Tracker. Any questions regarding why your allocation is not cleared should be directed to the Mayor's Office of Contract Services (MOCS).

Validate Your Organization

Recipients of City funding need to be validated in the Payee Information Portal (PIP). Lack of validation will affect the registration of your contract.


Beginning Fiscal Year 2021, City Council discretionary contracts will be managed in PASSPort, the City's digital Procurement and Sourcing Solutions Portal. If your organization has awards to be cleared in FY21, it must have a PASSPort account. Please see this one-page Account Creation Guide for more information. To view your organization’s award designations and their clearance status, please visit the Discretionary Award Tracker. More information about the discretionary award process is available on the NYC Nonprofits Discretionary Funding page.