Request a refund online

The Department of Finance automatically refunds parking, red light and bus lane camera violation overpayments within thirty days. A check made out to the registered owner will be mailed to the address on the vehicle's registration. To request a refund because you won your parking dispute at a hearing or after an appeal you should complete a refund form.

If someone other than the registered owner paid, that person must file a refund form.

If your vehicle has been booted and the total amount you owe has been dismissed, the boot fee will be refunded. If the amount you owe has been reduced, you will not receive a boot fee refund. Additional fees such as Sheriff's execution fee and poundage fees will not be refunded unless your vehicle was booted in error.

Tow refunds are not sent automatically. You must file for a tow refund online or by mail. If you have proof that needs to be submitted, please submit your request form along with copies of your proof by mail. Do not submit originals.