Parking  / Camera Violation Refunds

Finance will automatically issue a refund of parking or camera violation overpayments within 30 days. The registered owner does not need to file to claim a refund of these overpayments. A refund check will automatically be generated to the registered owner of the vehicle and mailed to the address on the vehicle registration. However, if an individual other than the registered owner made payment, this form must be submitted in order to claim the refund.

Where and How Paid
If the payment was made at one of our Business Centers, please fax a copy of the payment receipt to the attention of the Refunds Unit - Parking Refunds at 212-232-1891.

If you made the payment using a credit or debit card, you must include:

  • Payment Receipt or Confirmation Number, and
  • Daytime Phone Number

This information is necessary to process your refund request.

Boot and Tow Refunds
Boot and tow refunds are not sent automatically. You must file this form if you are requesting a refund. Please note that, in order to claim a boot or tow refund, the related summons(es) must have been dismissed.

You must fax a copy of the receipt or voucher to the attention of the Refunds Unit - Parking Refunds at 212-232-1891 along with the confirmation that you will receive after submitting this application.

VEHICLE INFORMATION* - indicates required field


Plate Number *

  State *

  Violation Number *

 I am the registered owner.

 I am not the registered owner.


Name *
Address *
City *
  State *

ZIP Code *

Daytime Phone Number * 
  Email Address * 


Paid By (Check One)*:
Credit/Debit Card
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  • Complete this section only if you are requesting a Parking and/or a Camera Violation Refund. After completing this section:
    • you are required to check the Certification box,
    • enter the requested Refund Amount, and
    • submit your claim by clicking the submit button.
  • If you are requesting a Tow Fee Refund, skip this section and only complete the Tow Fee Refund and the Certification sections. 
  • If you are requesting a refund for both Parking and/or Camera Violation payments and Tow Fee(s), you must submit each request separately.

I am claiming a refund of a Parking and/or Camera Violation because:

The amount paid was reduced by a hearing or an appeal hearing after payment.
I paid the same violation more than once.

The violation was not a Parking or Camera Violation. It was a Traffic Violation or violation from another jurisdiction.

Other. Please explain:


If you have already completed the Parking / Camera Violation refund section and wish to submit a request for a Boot or Tow Fee Refund, you must complete a separate refund request.

I am claiming a refund of boot or tow fees because:

Vehicle was booted or towed in error.

Violation(s) were dismissed in a hearing after the vehicle was redeemed.


I hereby affirm I am entitled to a refund for the reason(s) claimed above.

Refund Amount * $

After clicking the "SUBMIT" button, you will be provided with a confirmation page. We suggest you keep a copy for you records. The confirmation page must be faxed along with your receipts and any documentation to the Refunds Unit - Parking Refunds at  212-232-1891.


Security Notice
Information sent to Finance using this form is encrypted and secure. However, Finance's responses via email are neither encrypted nor secure.