Get a Copy of a Ticket

Get a Copy of a Ticket Online

You cannot download copies of Red Light Camera and Bus Lane Camera violations online.
  • Tickets issued using a handheld computer are available within 5 business days.
  • Tickets written by hand will appear in the system within 10 - 14 business days.

If a parking ticket is no longer available online, you can request a copy of the actual ticket through email. You can also request a printout of parking ticket transactions.

If you need actual copies of more than 5 tickets, please visit a Finance Business Center. There is a $1 fee per ticket after the first 5 ticket copies.

Request copies by Email


Request a printout of all the tickets you have received, organized by either:

  1. Plate number
  2. Ticket numbers
  3. Registrant name and address
When you request a print-out, tell us how you want the information organized.

Send your request to:

NYC Department of Finance
Correspondence Unit
One Centre Street, 22nd Floor
New York, NY 10007

You should send your request in writing and make sure to include:

  • Full Name (Requests can only be made by Registrant)
  • Current Address including City, State, Zip
  • Plate(s) Numbers
  • State(s) of Registration
  • Ticket Numbers & Date(s) of Issuance
  • How you want the information organized (See above)
  • Let us know if your address is different from the address on the notice or NYS DMV registration.