Sheriff’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI)

BCI is the Department of Finance (DOF) sheriff’s criminal tax and financial crimes investigation unit. It conducts a wide variety of criminal investigations concerning:
  • Cigarette tax enforcement
  • Real property crimes/deed fraud
  • Synthetic narcotics sales (K2, bath salts)
  • Crimes against the Department of Finance
  • Criminal background checks for applicants for membership to volunteer fire departments in New York City
Download the Background Investigation Questionnaire

Criminal Background Checks for Applicants for Membership to Volunteer Fire Departments in New York City

New York State Executive Law §837 requires applicants for membership to volunteer fire departments to undergo a criminal history check through the Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) to determine if they stand convicted of the crime of arson or sex offense in New York State. This law applies to new applicants, transfers from other fire companies and reinstatements to membership. A follow-up arson background check must be completed for minors (under the age of 18) once they reach the age of 18. Fire chiefs are encouraged to get parental permission before conducting any background investigations on minors. 

The Department of Finance Sheriff’s Office provides this service at no charge to local volunteer fire departments as required by law.
The DCJS-VFF form, should be printed, typed or completed legibly by hand, and mailed to the New York City Sheriff’s Office by the Fire Chief.

Note: It is important that the forms are legible or they will be rejected, further delaying the processing. Please do not fax paper forms.
The Fire Chief of your company must sign the form and mail it to the Sheriff’s Office.  Results will be mailed to the Fire Chief.  
Fire Chief mailing instructions:
Please mail completed DCJS-9 Forms to:

New York City Sheriff’s Office
Bureau of Criminal Investigation
VFF Background Check
30-10 Starr Avenue
Long Island City, NY 11101
Call (718) 707-2100 for more information.