Filing Warrants 

In most cases, there are no fees for filing arrest warrants. However, civil court arrest warrants may be filed with the Sheriff's Office for a fee of $100. Warrants must be sent to the Sheriff county office where the individual named in the warrant lives, works, or is likely to be found. For specific instructions, please contact the Sheriff's Office for details. 

What You Need to Bring 

To initiate the process, you will need to provide the following: 

  1. An original or certified copy of the warrant, along with two photocopies. 
  2. A completed Arrest Process Intake Sheet. 

Types of Warrants 

Civil Contempt Warrant/Arrest: 

When individuals fail to comply with a court order or jury summons, the court may issue civil contempt arrest warrants. These warrants are used to enforce specific money judgments or court orders in divorce, separation, or annulment proceedings. They may also be issued in cases of disobedience to a subpoena. 

Kendra’s Law / Mental Hygiene Law Arrests: 

For individuals with a history of mental illness, Kendra’s Law or provisions in the New York State Mental Hygiene Law allow for their custody and transportation to a hospital for treatment or to court for a hearing when they do not comply with a court order or jury summons. 

Family Court Warrants of Arrest: 

Family court warrants may be issued under various circumstances, including: 

  • When a summons cannot be served or an individual refuses to obey a summons. 
  • When a respondent on bail or parole fails to appear. 
  • When there is a risk of an individual leaving the jurisdiction. 

Seeking Assistance 

If you require assistance or have questions regarding arrest warrants, please don't hesitate to contact the Department of Finance for assistance.