Aerosols Products

Permit Description 

A permit is required to store, handle or use an aggregate quantity of Level 1, 2 or 3 aerosol products in excess of 100 pounds net weight. 

  • Level 1 aerosols are predominately water-based, such as shaving gel or whipped cream.  
  • Level 2 aerosols are often alcohol formulated based, such as hair spray, sunscreen and insect repellants.  
  • Level 3 aerosols are hydrocarbon formulated based, such as carburetor cleaner and petroleum-based aerosols.Cost of Permit  

Permit Cost


Permit Length 

A FDNY inspector will visit the premise annually and perform an inspection prior to permit expiration

Application Requirements 

  • Certificate of Occupancy or Department of Building approval.   
  • Official business documentation, such as Tax ID, liability insurance, etc.  
  • Certificate of Fitness:
    A-49 Supervision of Aerosols

Additional Information 

See the Following Fire Code Chapter

Need Help?

For assistance with applying for and receiving Permits and Letters of Approval on FDNY Business, contact the FDNY Customer Service Center by dialing 311, or via email at

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