A-49 Supervision of Storage, Handling and Use of Aerosol

Certificate Description

A Certificate of Fitness is required for any location with 100 pounds (1,600 ounces) or more of aerosols in any number or type of containers. Aerosols are products in liquid or gas form that are dispensed from a container by a propellant. Common aerosols include spray paint, lubricating oils, hair spray, insect repellent, whipped cream and shaving gel. This Certificate of Fitness is valid only at a specific location and for the specific person to whom it is issued.

  • New Application Fees: $25
  • Renewal Fees: $15
  • Application Reviewed Within: 5 Days
  • Renewal Cycle: 3 Years

Before You Submit Your Application

This Certificate of Fitness can only be obtained by meeting the special qualification requirements. All applicants must  review the Notice of Exam.

Requirements for Alternative Issuance Procedure (AIP)

This Certificate of Fitness can be obtained by the alternative issuance procedure. Qualified applicants should review and complete the A-49 Certificate of Fitness Alternative Issuance Procedure Application Affirmation Form

AIP applicants must submit the application, required documents and payment on FDNY Business.

 Click here to LEARN and APPLY the A-49 Certificate of Fitness.


FDNY Business Support Team: For  questions, call 311 and ask for  the FDNY Customer Service Center or send an email to FDNY.BusinessSupport@fdny.nyc.gov


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