Training & Resources

NYC Emergency Management's Community Preparedness team offers community-based organizations and faith-based groups a variety of training classes, webinars, and conferences that focus on a range of emergency preparedness and response topics. These events provide community partners an opportunity to improve their local emergency planning capacity by offering a platform to network, share ideas, and best practices.

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Community Preparedness Boot Camp

The Community Preparedness Boot Camp is a training that uses the Community Emergency Planning Toolkit to assist local organizations with emergency planning, and connects them with NYC Emergency Management's resources.
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Organizational Preparedness Training for Community- & Faith-based Organizations

Community Preparedness offers an organizational preparedness training for community-based organizations and faith-based groups interested in learning how to prepare their organization to continue to perform their essential functions during a wide range of emergencies and support their communities during the recovery efforts. The training covers the essentials of continuity of operations planning, a plan template, volunteer and donations management, sample case study and a tabletop exercise.
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Disability, Access & Functional Needs Training for Community Organizations

Community Preparedness offers a disability, access and functional needs training for community-based organizations and faith-based groups. The training focuses on additional emergency preparedness and response measures to assure the inclusion of people with disabilities, older adults, children, people with limited or no English proficiency, individuals with health vulnerabilities, and others who may need specific assistance or support during an emergency. The training provides and overview of the following areas:

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible facilities
  • Assistive communication devices
  • Evacuation tips
  • Life-sustaining equipment customers
  • Individual preparedness

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Community Preparedness Council

Community Preparedness hosts an annual Community Preparedness Council. The council provides a forum for community organizations active in disaster, and government partners involved in community preparedness to share best practices, challenges and next steps around community preparedness in New York City.
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Community Preparedness offers the following webinars to interested community-based organizations and faith-based groups:

  • Hurricane preparedness
  • Heat emergency
  • Winter weather
  • Community Emergency Planning Toolkit

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