The NYC Department of Health makes data available to download and analyze. In this section, you will find public use dataset files, map files and documentation. You can also access the Data Catalog, a comprehensive listing of all publicly available Health Department data resources. You will also find data snapshots and links to information about the Health Department's research and surveillance initiatives. You can find data reports and publications on the Publications Database search page.

Data Catalog

  • Data Catalog. Comprehensive listing of Health Department data resources available to the public, including metadata, links to publicly available data and contact information for access to restricted data.

Surveys, Vital Statistics and Maps

  • NYC COVID-19 Population Health and Serologic Surveys. The NYC Population Health Survey and Serological Surveys for COVID-19 aim to address prior gaps in studies of the effects of COVID-19 in NYC.

  • Community Health Survey. Annual survey of adult New Yorkers to provide neighborhood, borough and citywide estimates on a range of chronic diseases and behavioral risk factors.

  • Vital Statistics. Records of all births and deaths in NYC summarized to provide information about the characteristics of births and causes of death.

  • Child Health Data. Data on the health of children aged 0-13 years old from surveys conducted during 2009-2019.

  • Youth Risk Behavior Survey. Biennial survey of public high school students about a variety of priority health risk behaviors.

  • New York City Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Representative survey of NYC adults conducted in 2004 and 2013/2014 that included a detailed health interview and brief physical exam.

  • World Trade Center Health Registry. Periodic surveys are conducted with enrollees in the largest registry in US history tracking the health effects of a disaster.

  • NYC Community Air Survey. Ongoing air pollution measurement at 100 locations throughout the city.

  • Physical Activity and Transit Survey. Survey of adults conducted in 2010-2011 about physical activity, active transportation and health.

  • GIS Data Files. Shapefiles for the Community Health Survey and other initiatives.

  • Census Data. To provide census researchers with easily accessible New York City denominator information, the Health Department provides downloadable tables of census data.

Data Tables

  • Child Lead Data. Annual reports and data on testing and rates of elevated blood lead levels for NYC children citywide and by neighborhood.

  • HIV/AIDS Statistical Reports. Statistical reports summarizing HIV/AIDS surveillance in NYC.

  • Injury. Tables and reports on leading causes of deaths, hospitalizations and emergency department visits due to injury, as well as other health impacts related to injury.
    • Traffic Injuries. Data on traffic injuries, traffic density and driving behaviors in New York City, collected as part of Vision Zero.

  • Severe Maternal Morbidity Surveillance. Surveillance data on cases of life-threatening complications during or after childbirth.

  • Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS). Ongoing population-based survey of new mothers in NYC, including maternal experiences and behaviors before, during and after pregnancy.

  • NYC Health Opinion Poll. Reports from a series of short, quarterly polls of adults measuring a variety of topics and opinions about the Health Department and its programs.

  • Child Care Incident Reports: Annual data on fatalities, serious injuries and abuse at group child care programs citywide.