NYC Health Opinion Poll

Since April 2019, the NYC Department of Health has been conducting short surveys for the NYC Health Opinion Poll (HOP).

The goals of the poll are to measure adult New Yorkers’:

  • Awareness, acceptance and use — or barriers to use — of our programs
  • Knowledge, opinions and attitudes about health care and practices
  • Opinions about public events that are related to health

The data collected through public health polling are rapidly analyzed and disseminated. This real-time community input informs programming and policy development at the Health Department to better meet the needs of New Yorkers.

The poll recruits New York residents aged 18 years and older from existing online opt-in panels. The English and Spanish polls are self-completed online by about 1,200 people.


The topline reports below provide overall results of the HOP. They include cross-tabulation tables showing how different groups of people within the sample answered the questions

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