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Training and Resources for Providers

Medical facilities and funeral directors pre-authorized by the NYC Health Department can report births, deaths, and terminations of pregnancy with the agency using eVital, the electronic system to register.

Only authorized users can enter data and/or report vital events in New York City using eVital. Individuals who work in a hospital and are authorized to use this system should contact their administrator for access to the system. Those who are authorized users but are not affiliated with a hospital should email eVital@health.nyc.gov for information on how to report vital events in eVital.

All New York City vital event certificates must be completed in English. This means the following:

  • All first, middle and last names must be spelled in English.
  • No non-English letters or characters are permitted.
  • No accents, symbols or marks of any kind can be written over English letters.
  • Do not include any electronically created or handwritten non-English characters.
  • Numerals may only be used at the end of a name as a suffix (i.e.: John Doe, II).

Any certificates with non-English characters will be rejected. This is necessary as our electronic registration system and vital event certificate printing system cannot handle non-English text.

For additional information about the registration systems and trainings offered by the NYC Health Department, please follow the links at the top of the page.