Green Infrastructure Grant Program

Brooklyn Navy Yard - Rooftop

We offer green roof retrofit funding for private property owners in New York City. The goal is to incentivize private property owners to retrofit their roofs with green roofs to manage stormwater runoff. For general information, please visit Green Infrastructure.

Grant Application

We accept applications on a rolling basis. Private property owners interested in applying must download and complete the Pre-Application Form and submit it to Application materials will be provided to potential grantees once a pre-application meeting between the private property owner and DEP is held.

Note: We are no longer accepting applications through the online portal.

Grant Workshops

We will host four workshop webinars in 2024 to explain program eligibility requirements and guide users through the application process:

  • March 6; 2–3:00pm
  • June 5; 2–3:00 pm
  • September 11; 2–3:00pm
  • December 11; 2–3:00pm

Registration for each workshop opens one month prior to the workshop date. Register here.

If you would like a copy of the materials that will be presented, download the Workshop Presentation.

To schedule a pre-application meeting for your specific proposal, or request a workshop for a group of 10 or more people, contact us at

Newsletter signup

To receive the latest information about our events and activities, visit Newsletters and subscribe to the “DEP Stormwater” email list.

Design Review and Reimbursement

Green Roof Projects

Green roof projects will undergo an advanced schematic, 75%, and 100% design review process with a two-week review time for each phase. Funding for green roofs is determined by green roof area (GRA) and soil depth. The minimum project amount must be $50,000. The schedule below outlines the maximum reimbursement rate for green roof projects. Projects below the minimum criteria, 1.5″ soil depth and 5,000 SF, are not eligible for grant funding.

Reimbursement Rates ($/SF) for Green Roof Projects

Soil Depth (in.) 5,000-20,000 (SF)*
* The reimbursement rate for SF of planted area over 20,000 SF is calculated using 50% of the rate shown above
1.5–1.99 $10
2.0–2.99 $15
3.0–3.99 $25
4.0+ $30

Applicant Resources

Grantee Guide

Applicants should use this guide to obtain information on program eligibility, design requirements and the application process.

Program Flyer

The Green Infrastructure Grant Program flyer gives a brief overview of the grant program and can be shared with interested participants.

Sewer Connection

Property owners can request sewer connection documents through the Permit and Review Information System (PARIS). For more information, visit Request Water & Sewer Records.

Legal Agreement and Restrictive Covenant

Before submitting a grant application, we encourage potential grantees to review the Legal Agreement and Restrictive Covenant that are required to participate. Please email questions to

Condominium Projects

We have made improvements to our program to make the grant process easier for condominium projects. Improvements include a modified version of the Funding Agreement and a set of provisions that condominiums will incorporate into their existing Condominium Declaration which reflect the requirements of the Declaration of Restrictive Covenant.

Completed Projects