Request Water & Sewer Records

You can request records for sewer drainage plans, water and sewer maps, sewer as-built drawings, tap and sewer cards. Requests for records must be submitted in PARIS. All requests must provide a description of the work being performed. All requests, with the exception of those solely for tap and/or sewer cards, must include site plans. If a site plan is not available, a tax map or aerial photo with street names clearly notated is acceptable.

Download the PARIS Records Request User Manual

Please note that effective immediately DEP will not be accepting requests for records via email. Applications submitted via email will not be processed. For more information on how to submit a records request, please visit our Permit and Review Information System (PARIS) webpage.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions, including questions regarding status, please contact the PARIS Support Line at 718-595-3088 or