Rule Making

Notice of Public Hearing and Opportunity to Comment on Proposed Rules

What are we proposing?  The Department of Cultural Affairs (“DCLA”) is proposing to amend Title 58 of the rules of the city of New York by adding a new chapter 2 that would make permanent the emergency rule governing DCLA’s Cultural Development Fund.

When and where is the hearing?  DCLA will hold a public hearing on the proposed rule. The public hearing will take place at 11:00 a.m. on May 10, 2024. The public hearing will be held online only.

How do I join the hearing? Join through the Internet – Desktop or Mobile App: To register for the hearing either click on the following URL link or copy and paste it into your browser’s address bar. Then follow the prompts to register. Once this step has been completed, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions and the link needed to join the hearing. Please note, you will be allowed to speak at the hearing only if you have registered by May 3, 2024.

On the day of the hearing please utilize the confirmation email you received. You can choose your preferred method of joining. Information on both online and phone access will be provided in the confirmation email. Closed captions will be available. Please note that upon accessing the hearing, you will first be placed in a waiting status in the virtual lobby, and then be admitted when the hearing begins. Any questions or issues with registration or access to the hearing, can be sent to

How do I comment on the proposed rules?  Anyone can comment on the proposed rules by:

  • Website.  You can submit comments to DCLA through the NYC rules website at

  • Email.  You can email comments to

  • Mail.  You can mail comments to the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, Office of the General Counsel, 31 Chambers Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10007.

  • Fax.  You can fax comments to the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, Office of the General Counsel, at 212-298-8789.

  • By speaking at the hearing.  Anyone who wants to comment on the proposed rule at the public hearing must register to speak by May 3, 2024 and provide your name and email address. You can speak for up to three minutes. Please note that the hearing is for accepting oral testimony only and is not held in a “Question and Answer” format.

Is there a deadline to submit comments?  Yes, all comments made by website, email or fax must be submitted by May 10, 2024.  All comments made by mail should be postmarked by May 10, 2024. 

What if I need assistance to participate in the hearing? For questions or requests regarding accessibility or accommodations, please contact Sara Cobb, DCLA’s Disability Service Facilitator, at or call (212) 298-8779. Advance notice is requested to allow sufficient time to arrange a requested accommodation. You must make your request for an accommodation by April 26, 2024.

Can I review the comments made on the proposed rules?  You can review the comments made online on the proposed rules by going to the website at Copies of all comments submitted online, copies of all written comments and a summary of oral comments concerning the proposed rule will be available to the public at DCLA’s Office of the General Counsel and may be requested by email at 

What authorizes DCLA to make this rule?  Sections  387, 388, 1043, and 2503 of the City Charter authorize DCLA to make this proposed rule. This proposed rule was not included in DCLA’s regulatory agenda for this Fiscal Year because it was not contemplated when DCLA published the agenda.

Where can I find DCLA’s rules?  DCLA’s rules are in Title 58 of the Rules of the City of New York.

What rules govern the rulemaking process?  DCLA must meet the requirements of Section 1043 of the City Charter when creating or changing rules. This notice is made according to the requirements of Section 1043(b) of the City Charter. This notice also extends for an additional sixty days the effectiveness of 2024 RG 005 (Rules Relating to Cultural Development Fund Grant Award Program), a rule adopted an emergency basis, to afford an opportunity for notice and comment and to adopt a final rule as required by section 1043(i)(2) of the City Charter.

The full text of the proposed rule may be found at:

Cultural Development Fund – Permanent Rule – NYC Rules ( (