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Please make every effort to update DCLA’s logo on websites, digital assets, future print materials, and wherever else DCLA’s logo may appear. DCLA expects that all materials required to include the DCLA logo, in print and online, will use the new logo by July 1, 2018.

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Terms and Conditions


  1. Property of the City of New York. The NYC Culture logo (the "Logo") is the property of the City of New York and shall be utilized only as approved by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs ("DCLA").

  2. Terms of Use. The Logo shall be used for the limited purpose of recognizing the City's contribution and support of arts and cultural programming offered by the recipient. The recipient's use of the Logo certifies that such arts and cultural programming receiving City support is consistent with any such grant agreement, scope of services and/or project description provided by the recipient to DCLA in connection with such programming. The Logo shall be used in legible form and in appropriate type size.

  3. Improper Use. The Logo shall not be used in connection with programs and/or organizations that are not funded by DCLA, or in a manner inconsistent with this license. The Logo shall not otherwise be re-created or manipulated and may not be reproduced for any other purpose without prior written consent from the Commissioner of DCLA. Improper use, manipulation or reproduction of the logo will result in the cancellation of this license, may be considered a default under the recipient's grant agreement, and may jeopardize future funding from DCLA.

  4. No Transfer of Rights. Nothing in this license shall constitute a transfer, assignment or conveyance of any copyright, trademark or other intellectual property interest in the Logo. Nor shall this license grant or otherwise create any statutory or moral rights in the Logo for the recipient. The recipient shall not sublicense or exercise any right(s) against third parties as to the Logo without the express written consent of the Commissioner of DCLA. The recipient shall not adopt, use, license, register or seek to register the Logo or any variation or simulation thereof or any marks, logos, or names that are confusingly similar.
I am an authorized representative of an organization that has received funding from the Department of Cultural Affairs in the current fiscal year grant cycle.*
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