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City Property Available for Rent

DCAS administers leases for the private use of surplus City-owned property. Properties can be leased by individuals, corporations, LLCs, partnerships or not-for-profit organizations. Most of the properties available for lease are vacant lots that may be used by abutting property owners in conjunction with their private property. To learn more about opportunities to lease surplus City-owned property, please call (212) 386-0622.

DCAS periodically holds public lease auctions. Sites are offered with terms and special use requirements specific to the unique nature of each property and leases are awarded to the highest qualified bidder. Public parking lots, retail spaces, office spaces and vacant lots may be offered for lease.

Public Lease Auction Information: The online public lease auction scheduled for December 8, 2022 through December 15, 2022 has concluded. Thank you for your interest. For more information, visit the Real Estate Auctions page.