Paid Sick Leave Outreach Campaign

DCA’s extensive paid sick leave outreach campaign has informed millions of New Yorkers about the law and helped both employers and employees to understand their rights and responsibilities under the law. The campaign has included advertisements in the city’s subway cars, stations, and buses, as well as on television, radio, online and in daily, community, and foreign language newspapers. DCA provides sick leave information in 26 languages, an effort that goes well beyond the requirement in the law. DCA has attended hundreds of events and distributed more than a million pieces of informational material about paid sick leave. On July 16, 2014, more than 1,400 volunteers participated in Paid Sick Leave Day and distributed more than 350,000 paid sick leave brochures in eight languages at 150 subway stations across the five boroughs and resulted in #paidsickleave trending on Twitter in New York City.


Note: On July 7, 2022, DCWP—formerly the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA)—changed its social media handle from @nycdca to @helloDCWP. 

Have you attended one of our events on the Paid Sick Leave Law? Use the hashtag #paidsickleave and share the images below (right click to save image as) to help us spread the word on the Paid Sick Leave law.

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