The law prohibits stores from leaving doors or windows open while air conditioning is running applies to all stores regardless of size. Chain stores—stores with five or more locations in New York City—must post a sign alerting people to contact 311 to report violations of the law on all exterior doors where people can see it.

Download Business Education flyer about the Air Conditioning Law


DCA enforces the City law where certain businesses are prohibited from leaving store doors open while air conditioners or central cooling systems are running. We want to let store owners know that they can protect the environment and save money – simply by shutting the front door!

On Wednesday, July 22, 2015, the City held its first ever Shut the Front Door Business Education Day! More than 200 volunteers visited nearly 45 business corridors throughout the five boroughs to educate businesses about the environmental and financial impacts of keeping their doors open while running the air conditioning.

Businesses: Pledge to #BeCoolSaveFuel and print this page to post on your store door to show your customers you're proud to protect NYC's environment.

Volunteers and Partners: We would like to thank all our volunteers and partners for helping us encourage businesses to #BeCoolSaveFuel on Shut the Front Door Business Education Day. Help us continue spreading the message on social media all summer long by using #BeCoolSaveFuel.