I'm Able to Do More

In Fall 2019, DCWP launched a public awareness campaign to raise awareness of free financial counseling tailored to people with disabilities and their families. EmpoweredNYC counselors have more than 100 hours of specialized training to help people with disabilities to manage their budgets, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, tackle Social Security Administration (SSA) overpayments, and transition to work. Campaign ads are running on targeted bus shelters, LinkNYC kiosks, in newspapers, and online. Read press release about campaign launch.

Print Ads

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Ad of woman in wheelchair with text I'm able to do more. Now my budget is under control
Ad of woman with dog with text I'm able to do more. My new business is taking off
Ad of man in wheelchair smiling with text I'm able to do more. Now I have my own place
Ad of woman receiving financial counseling with text I'm able to do more. One-on-one counseling tailored to me

For more information about EmpoweredNYC or to schedule an appointment, call 311, call 646-396-5830 for ASL Direct via video phone, or visit nyc.gov/EmpoweredNYC.