Disqualification Appeal Frequently Asked Questions

Disqualification Appeal Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to file an appeal with the CSC?

The CSC must receive your appeal within 30 days of the date on the notice of disqualification. If you file your appeal after 30 days, you must submit an explanation for the delay with your appeal.

How do I file an appeal?

If you received a disqualification letter, that letter should provide instructions for filing an appeal with the CSC. For additional information, please visit the Filing a Disqualification Appeal with the CSC page.

Please be sure that the notice of disqualification is a final agency determination; if the notice provides instructions for appealing directly to

  • the agency; or
  • the Department of Citywide Administrative Service's (DCAS) Committee on Manifest Errors (CME); or
  • the New York City Transit Authority Personnel Review Board,

the appeal should NOT be sent to the CSC.

Will the Civil Service Commission Provide Me with an Attorney?

For information regarding legal representation, please visit the Legal Representation page.

What documentation should I submit to support my appeal?

The CSC requires that Appellants submit the notice of disqualification sent to them by the DCAS Commissioner or other examining agency when filing an appeal. The CSC cannot advise Appellants regarding how to pursue their appeals, or what documentation is necessary to submit in support of appeals before the CSC.

Please note that medical and psychological disqualifications are governed by the Personnel Services Bulletin issued on March 22, 2013.

I've already filed an appeal, but need more time to submit documents. Can I get an extension?

If you need more time to submit documents, you may email the CSC at appeals@nyccsc.nyc.gov. Your request must explain why you need an extension, and indicate how much time you think you will need. The CSC will decide whether to grant the extension, and send a notification to you and to the agency.

What is the status of my appeal?

For information regarding individual appeals already filed with the CSC, please email the CSC at appeals@nyccsc.nyc.gov. Please note that information will only be given to the appellant or authorized representative.

What happens at a CSC hearing? How should I prepare?

The CSC calls a hearing when it has questions about the written record. If you receive a notice of hearing, it will include detailed instructions about the hearing. In appeals involving more complex issues of law, the CSC recommends that appellants consider obtaining the services of an attorney to represent them at the hearing In addition, the CSC will accept the testimony of a licensed mental health professional, or other appropriate witnesses.

At the hearing, the parties and their witnesses will be sworn in before giving testimony. Both parties will have an opportunity to answer questions asked of them by the Commissioners and to ask and answer questions posed by the opposing party.

When will I receive the CSC's decision on my appeal?

Decisions are issued as soon as practicable after the CSC has reviewed the record and all submissions on the matter. In cases where a hearing was held, decisions are generally mailed out within 90 days of the date of the hearing. Please note that, where there is additional time granted to the parties for post-hearing submissions, the decision will be mailed out within 90 days of the last date of such submissions, where practicable.

When are exams scheduled?

The CSC does not schedule civil service examinations. The civil service exam schedule is managed by the Department of Citywide Administrative Services. View the current schedule on the DCAS website.

When does the list for my exam expire?

The CSC does not maintain exam lists, and test takers should refer to the instructions for contacting DCAS.