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Civil Service Commission

What We Do

    The City Civil Service Commission ("CSC") is an independent agency authorized by section 813 of the New York City Charter, to hear and decide appeals from determinations made by other City agencies under the New York State Civil Service Law.

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Before you appeal to the Commission, review the notice you received from the hiring agency and follow the instructions in that notice. Your notice may require that you file an appeal with the hiring agency before you can file an appeal with the Commission.

Additionally, you may not have appeal rights based on the below circumstances:

  • If you have been dismissed from a position for which you have not taken a competitive examination, including provisional titles
  • If you have been dismissed from a position while still serving a probationary period.

Note on Civil Service List Expirations

Email any inquiries regarding the status of an eligible list to the New York City Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) at

Mission Statement

The mission of the CSC is to be fair and impartial in deciding appeals and to assure that the treatment of civil service applicants and employees is consistent with civil service laws and the City's personnel rules.

In addition to hearing appeals from individuals, the CSC may conduct reviews and studies of personnel administration in City government.

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