About the CSC

About the CSC

The City Civil Service Commission ("CSC") is an independent, non-mayoral city agency authorized by section 813 of the New York City Charter, to hear and decide appeals from certain determinations made by other City agencies under the New York State Civil Service Law.

The CSC is made up of five Commissioners appointed by the Mayor to six-year terms upon approval by the City Council. The Mayor may designate one of the Commissioners as Chair and one as Vice Chair on a yearly basis. No more than three Commissioners may be affiliated with the same political party.

The majority of appeals that come before the CSC fall into two categories:

  • Appeals by applicants or appointees who have been disqualified for their education and experience, exam score, or for character, medical, psychological, or other reasons affecting their eligibility for appointment in accordance with Section 50 of the Civil Service Law.
  • Appeals by City employees who have been disciplined for misconduct or incompetence in accordance with sections 75 and 76 of the Civil Service Law.

The CSC may, however, hear appeals from other agency determinations. Please refer to the Other Types of Appeals section for more information.