Support Permitting Agency

Department of Consumer Affairs

The Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) issues vendor permits to vendors selling merchandise and operators of rides or games.

DCA permits include:

  • 30-day Street Fair Vendor Permit: If you plan to have general vendors selling goods (not food) or you plan to have carnival games at your event, then you are required to apply for the 30-day Street Fair Vendor Permit. Most rental companies or vendors already have this permit. You will submit a copy of their permit to your main permitting agency.

Other non-permit interaction with DCA may include:

  • Game(s) of Chance License: If you plan to have a 'Game of Chance' at your event where random people are selected to win prizes, then the operator who will be conducting the game is required to have a valid Game of Chance License from DCA. Only the holder of a valid license may operate the 'Game of Chance'. You must get a Game of Chance Identification Number from the New York State Gaming Commission. Before applying, you must complete the 1A-Application for Registration and Identification Number. Deadline to submit all required documents to DCA is at least two weeks before the event start date.