All applicants are required to pay a non-refundable processing fee of $25. You can pay the fee online via credit or debit card. This processing fee will not be returned if your application is denied or withdrawn.

Additional fees occur for Farmers Markets, Production Events, Plaza Events and Street Events. Single Block Festivals and Street Festivals have fees determined by the vendor's participation fee. Some Street Events or Plaza Events may be considered civic or charitable in nature, and are therefore subject to a discounted fee rate. Read more about Civic and Charitable Events.

The fees for Street Events. Please refer to SAPO Street Events for sizing definitions.

Street Activity Permit Fees
Event Type Fee Notes
Block Parties Application fee only  
Clean Ups Application fee only -
Farmers Markets $15 per day -
Health Fairs Application fee only  
Plaza Events (see details on Plaza Fees page) $1,000 to $31,000 Fees based on Plaza Level and Event Size
Press Conference, Rally or Stationary Demonstration Application fee only  
Production Events (with curb lane or sidwalk only) $290 per day Capped at $1,000 if over 3 days
Production Events (with curb lane and sidewalk) $700 per day  
Street Event - Small $3,100  
Street Event - Medium $11,000  
Street Event- Large $25,000  
Extra Large Event Up to $66,000 -
Single Block Festival 20% of the total fees paid by vendors to participate  
Street Festival 20% of the total fees paid by vendors to participate  
Open Culture Event Application fee only