Civic and Charitable Events

SAPO fees are assessed for all Street Events and Plaza Events based on their size and scope. To see event sizing definitions, please refer to the Street Events page or Plaza Events page.  Depending on the elements or nature of your event, you may be categorized as a Commercial and Promotional event, Civic Event or Charitable Event. The guidelines for each event category are outlined in the Street Activity Permit Office's Rules. If your event qualifies as a Civic Event or Charitable Event, you may have a discounted permit fee. Read the definitions of events below to see if your event may be qualified.

Civic Event

Civic event is an event sponsored by a nonprofit organization that is open to the public and does not have a fundraising component. Civic events include, but are not limited to, artistic/cultural performances, or educational gatherings that support the mission of the sponsoring nonprofit organization.

If an event is ruled to be civic in nature and the event is sponsored by a nonprofit organization the event will be reassessed with discounted fees based on the event's size and function. You must provide documentation that you are a nonprofit organization in good standing.

Charitable Event

Charitable event means an event in which the sole purpose of the street activity is fundraising, donation of goods or provision of free services to the community by or for a specific nonprofit organization. Charitable events shall not include street fairs or block parties.

If an event is ruled to be charitable in nature and the event is sponsored by a nonprofit organization the event will be reassessed at 20% of the fee category of the event based on the size and function.

Commercial and Promotional Event

A Commercial and Promotional Event is a Plaza Event or Street Event that promotes, advertises or introduces a product, corporation, company or other commercial entity, brand, or goods and services to the public. These events do not include Charitable or Civic Events.