TPP Posting Requirements

Construction can be noisy, dusty and disruptive. Living in a building that is undergoing renovation or construction can be difficult, but conditions should never be dangerous or present hazards to tenants. If construction is being done in your building your building owner is required to:

  • distribute a TPP Notice to Occupants
  • prominently post the TPP Notice to Occupants in the lobby
  • post the TPP Notice to Occupants on each floor within ten feet of the elevator, or if none, the main stairwell
  • provide a paper copy of the TPP to a tenant on request
  • certify that the building contains units that will be occupied by tenants during construction and indicate the specific apartments that will be occupied during construction
  • Notify the Department 72 hours before beginning work in a building with a TPP.

For jobs created in DOB NOW prior to December 28, 2020 or BIS jobs that required uploading a TPP1, use the Occupant Notice Template. The Occupant Notice is pre-populated in DOB NOW for jobs created after December 28, 2020. The permit applicant can print the notice after the permit is approved from the Filing Action column on the permit dashboard. See page 33 of the TPP Training Presentation for more information.

DOB works to help minimize the impact of construction on their buildings. Tenants can contact our Office of the Tenant Advocate (OTA) with, questions, comments, and complaints concerning construction happening in their building. In addition, tenants can also contact OTA if they have questions or concerns related to a Tenant Protection Plan (TPP), tenant harassment, or other tenant-related issues.

Contact OTA by phone at (212) 393-2949 or by email at

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