Concrete Permit

Concrete placed at any building under construction in New York City is required to be tested to ensure it meets the  structural design requirements of the project. Concrete testing must be performed by a licensed Concrete Testing Lab.

The Department's Concrete Unit performs audits of concrete testing in New York City.

Permits that Exclude Concrete Operations

Applicants may be ready to obtain a permit to begin work before they are ready to begin concrete operations. The Department allows applicants to obtain a permit that authorizes work but prohibits concrete operations until concrete requirements are met.

Without submitting the TR2, TR3, and concrete subcontractor information, applicants may receive an initial permit and one permit renewal that exclude concrete operations

A job cannot be signed off unless all applicable concrete requirements have been met, including submission of the TR2, TR3, and concrete subcontractor information.

Get more information in the Concrete Permit User Guide.

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