Special Inspection Agency Registration Requirements

SIA Class Registration

Special Inspection Agencies must be registered with the Department of Buildings. There are three special inspection classes: Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3. Each class is defined based on the scope of work the Special Inspection Agency will perform under 1 RCNY §101-06.


Registration Fee

$200 + $30/each endorsement included in the registration

Registration Renewal Fee

$90 + $30/each endorsement included in the registration

Late Fee

$50 (less than 30 days prior to expiration)

Registration Term

3 Years


All Special Inspection Agencies must ensure that the special inspectors employed by the agency meet the qualification requirements set forth in Appendix A of 1 RCNY §101-06.


Special Inspection Agencies must obtain insurance to perform special inspections. Registered architects and professional engineers must have $500,000 in professional liability insurance. At least $1,000,000 per occurrence general liability insurance is already required for licensed trades. All Special Inspection Agencies must have workers’ compensation insurance or a waiver.

Service of Process

All Special Inspection Agencies must maintain a New York City address or have an agent in New York State to accept service.

SIA Composition

A special inspection agency must have one full-time primary director and can have up to four alternative full-time directors. The directors must not be an employee of any other agency that provides special inspection or testing services.

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