Hub Consultation Request

In order to work with the Development Hub you must be registered to electronically file documents with the Development Hub page on the Department's website.

To file at the Development Hub, please complete the information below to request an appointment to make your New Building (NB) or Alteration Type-1 (Alt-1) project a part of the center.

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** Indicates a Consultation meeting, attended by a Code and Zoning Specialist and/or the Borough Commissioner is required

Project Type*
Fee Structure*
For "Exempt" or "Deferred" you will need to provide supporting documentation. Acceptable documents are 3rd part HPD letter for Deferred or DOF Assessment roll (tentative or final)

Location of Proposed Work

Location 1 Transferring Job from Borough?*

Stake Holder Information

All contact information entered here must match the information in the pending PW 1 application.

Design Professional Information

Designer Profession Type

Owner Information

Filing Representative/Code Consultant Information

Filing Strategy

Complete Package Filing?*
A complete filing package shall include plans for zoning, architectural, structural, mechanical, plumbing, support of excavation (SOE), foundation, and energy as applicable. Download submission guidelines

Site Designations

Zoning District Designations
Other Agencies Involved*

Lot Information

Tax Lot
Zoning Lot

Description of Proposed Work

Are HPD affordable housing units proposed?
Is any of the proposed work a "Legalization" of existing conditions?
Anticipated Issues and Obstacles*

Upon submission of this consultation form, it will be determined if your New Building (NB) or Alteration Type-1 (Alt 1) project can be waived or if a meeting is required. If required, you will receive an appointment within five (5) business days, excluding weekends or holidays. It is highly recommended that drawings of your proposal be presented at the consultation meeting in order for us to provide you with the most accurate initial feedback and guidance. At a minimum, a site plan and preliminary drawings or sketches for zoning and egress would be helpful.

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