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Our engineers and architects share a passion for ensuring safe construction practices according to NYC Construction Codes. DOB offers a variety of positions across areas of expertise and has opportunities for you to learn, grow, and contribute to the city of New York.

Engineers and architects can pursue a traditional Plan Examination career path or one of the following technical positions: Auditor, Code & Zoning Specialist, Project Advocate, and Principal Engineer. Some positions require candidates to hold a New York State Professional Engineer or Registered Architect License.

We welcome you to explore our career opportunities and join our team. See job titles, descriptions, requirements and other relevant information:

Auditor (Technical)

Auditors at the Department of Buildings have the opportunity to work across different disciplines for example: Building Emissions, Building Energy, Energy Code Compliance, and cost/standard validation.

Code & Zoning Specialist (Technical)

Our specialists are responsible for interpretations regarding code and zoning issues. They also ensure validity, accuracy and completeness in a plan examiner's ability to demonstrate code knowledge, procedural knowledge, thoroughness, and professionalism.

Plan Examiner

Plan examiners work in the engineering or architectural analysis of structures and building equipment systems, and the examination of plans for the construction, alteration or repair of buildings and equipment systems under the jurisdiction of the Department of Buildings.

Plan Examination Career Path Progression

Plan Examination Trainee > Assistant Plan Examiner > Plan Examiner > Assistant Chief Plan Examiner > Chief Plan Examiner

Project Advocate (Technical)

Project Advocates engage the community in understanding NYC Construction Codes and the Department of Buildings processes. Under supervision, Project Advocates serve as customer liaisons for groups of applicants, assist the public in understanding processes for development approval, and seek to improve the efficiency of plan examination and inspections.

Principal Engineer (Technical)

Principal Engineers work independently in one of the Engineering and Construction Safety enforcement units to perform drawing, document, and field review of high-risk construction projects throughout the 5 boroughs. Principal engineers also support the Assistant Commissioners and Borough Commissioners on technical matter and furthering the agency's commitment to improving operations and implementation of technology-based solutions.

Eligibility for promotions is contingent upon meeting the following conditions:

  • vacancies are available

  • you meet the minimum qualification requirements (MQR) for the given position including civil service status when applicable

  • you submit a job application for the position you're interested in

  • you are interviewed for the position

  • you are selected for the position.

If you're interested in joining the Department of Buildings, view our current opportunities.

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