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They Made It! Why Can't You?

Photo of Steve Jobs with a remote in his hand with a blurred Apple logo in the background

Steve Jobs - Steve Jobs' foster care experience began at birth in San Francisco in 1954. Steve Jobs is now known to be one of the most successful businessmen to ever live. Steve founded Pixar Animations in 1986 then contributed to the success of Apple by creating the iPhone, iPod & iPad. Apple has become one of the largest companies in the world.

Photo of Eddie Murphy smiling and pointing with two hands

Eddie Murphy - Eddie Murphy was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Long Island, New York. After the murder of his father and illness of his mother, Murphy and his siblings were placed in foster care temporarily. To get through the difficult times endured as a child he developed a profound sense of humor. Using his childhood memories and experiences he aimed to bring joy to the lives of many people who may have experiences like him. Eddie Murphy is a known comedian and actor for box office movies such as "Coming to America," "Beverly Hills Cop," and "Shrek."

Photo of Nipsey Hussle smiling and wearing a white hoodie as he walks among others

Nipsey Hussle - Nipsey Hussle is a known rapper, entrepreneur, and community activist. He was an advocate for a project known as Destination Crenshaw, addressed gun violence with the LAPD, influenced the education system by encouraging black and brown youth to pursue careers in the STEM field, and revitalized the community with new real estate developments. Despite his many efforts to better his community, Nipsey Hussle was unfortunately murdered due to gang violence. His legacy stays behind through his inspirational music and strides to keep Los Angeles safe.

Photo of Simone Biles smiling and biting her gold medal

Simone Biles - Simone Biles entered the foster care system at the age of 4. She was then adopted by her grandparents in 2003. Biles pursued a career as a gymnast and competed in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. She is the #1 ranked gymnast in the world, the first African American to be an all-world champion, the first woman to win three consecutive all-around titles, and the most decorated American gymnast in history.

Photo of Colin Kaepernick with a smile and his fist raised high

Colin Kaepernick - Colin Kaepernick was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to 19-year-old Heidi Russo. As a single mother living in poverty, Russo placed Kaepernick up for adoption. Kaepernick was adopted by Rick and Teresa Kaepernick and began playing sports at 8 years old. Playing football through his school years and achieving ground breaking accomplishments, the San Francisco 49ers selected him as the 4th pick in the 2011 NFL draft. In 2016, Kaepernick used his platform to fight injustices in black communities by refusing to stand during the national anthem. Kaepernick is now a free agent and continues to advocate for equal rights and justice for people of color.

Photo of Tiffany Haddish with a smile

Tiffany Haddish - At the age of 9, Tiffany Haddish took on the role of a caretaker to her siblings when her mother was injured in a car accident. Shortly after they were separated and put into the foster care system. Haddish found peace in participating in drama competitions in school and making people laugh. This soon became her career. From restless nights sleeping in her car to the big screen, Tiffany Haddish is known comedian, actress and author. She is known for films like “Girls Trip,” “Night School,” & “The Last O.G.”