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What They're Saying: New York Leaders Continue to Support Mayor Adams, Push Back on Misleading Poll

December 7, 2023

NEW YORK – Following a misleading poll by Quinnipiac yesterday, New York leaders from different races, cultures, boroughs, and industries came forward to show their support for Mayor Adams’ leadership and the many accomplishments of the Adams administration. 

Here's what New York leaders are saying: 

“Throughout his entire career, Mayor Adams has been a champion for all New Yorkers, especially our Latino communities. Mayor Adams is in the streets every day — talking to working people, listening to their concerns, and getting stuff done to keep our city safe, clean, and prosperous. Our city has made tremendous progress under Mayor Adams' leadership. This is the most accessible administration in New York City’s history, and I look forward to continuing to work with Mayor Adams to deliver for everyday New Yorkers.” – U.S. Representative Adriano Espaillat  
“In his two years in office, Mayor Adams brought our city back from the devastation of COVID. That is reflected in the vibrancy on the streets but also in the numbers — jobs have increased to an all-time high, and crime is down. He leads from the front when others are afraid to do so. He has stood up to the federal government on the migrant crisis, putting our city first. He has taken bold stances on public safety and mental health. Added to all this, he has brought relentless and unprecedented energy to every corner of this city, giving voice to so many communities of color and working-class communities that never before had a seat at the table in City Hall.” – New York State Assemblymember Jenifer Rajkumar 

“When Mayor Adams came into office, he promised to ‘Get Stuff Done’ for New Yorkers — and he has delivered. Crime is down, jobs are up, and working people across the city know they have a fighter in City Hall. Mayor Adams is on the ground with New Yorkers every day, and I know firsthand that East Harlem is safer, cleaner, and more prosperous thanks to the work of his administration. This community and the entire city will continue to fight alongside this mayor to make the city stronger and fairer for all New Yorkers.” – New York State Assemblymember Eddie Gibbs
“As president of the NAACP New York State Conference and a member of the NAACP National Board of Directors that has 15 branches throughout the five boroughs, we are working with the Adams administration to improve the education of our young people, ensure that our officers in different communities are trained to continue to provide safety and justice, and continue delivering for working people across the city. The influx of migrants coming into New York City has affected all of the city’s services, and I am confident in Mayor Adams’ ability to continue leading and working with all New Yorkers to ease the burden that has been imposed on us. We know we have a blue-collar mayor fighting for us, and we need him to continue that fight every day.” – Dr. Hazel Dukes, president, NAACP New York State Conference, and member, NAACP National Board of Directors 

“The mayor has worked tirelessly to bring our city back, fighting to make New York safer, rebuild our middle class, and to keep our economy strong for all New Yorkers. His hustle and successes are paving the way for our future. I’m proud to stand with him to continue his vital work.” – Rob Speyer, CEO, Tishman Speyer 

“New Yorkers who are paying attention to what is going on in cities across America realize how fortunate we are to have Mayor Adams as our leader during this difficult post Covid era. The city has recovered all of the nearly 1 million jobs lost during the pandemic, we have seen almost 40,000 new businesses formed across the 5 boroughs in the last two years, and he’s done all this while handling the nation’s migrant crisis with very little help from the federal government.” – Kathryn Wylde, president and CEO, Partnership for New York City 
“Throughout his entire career, Mayor Adams has been a champion for all New Yorkers. He’s in the streets every day — talking to people, listening to their concerns, and getting stuff done — to ensure our city is safe, clean, and prosperous. We’ve made tremendous progress under Mayor Adams’ leadership, and we look forward to continuing to work with him to deliver for New York.” – Steven Rubenstein, chair, Association for a Better New York 

“Working people have a true ally in Mayor Eric Adams. From day one, Mayor Adams and his administration have worked to build a city that works for everyone — creating good-paying, union jobs, delivering a safer city, and building the affordable housing working people deserve.” – Manny Pastreich, president, 32BJ 

“When Eric Adams took office as mayor, the city was just beginning its recovery from the depths of the pandemic. Job numbers were down, and crime numbers were up. Mayor Adams promised to make our city safer and stronger, and he has delivered. As our economy continues to rebuild and jobs are restored, Mayor Adams is the blue-collar champion our union members and working families across New York City elected him to be. We’re proud to partner with him as the city continues to create more economic opportunities for workers and grow the industries that make our city great.” – Rich Maroko, president, Hotel and Gaming Trades Council 

“Since day one, Eric Adams has fought for and supported the most vulnerable New Yorkers. From his work moving more people out of shelter to permanent housing, to bringing our brothers and sisters inside off the street, to making sure New York City remains a place where we can all live and thrive, it’s clear Mayor Eric Adams has New Yorkers’ backs and has continued to deliver for us.” – Shams DaBaron, homeless advocate 
“When New Yorkers elected Eric Adams, we were still shaking off COVID and many so-called smart people thought that sunnier cities might overtake New York as the second-biggest tech center in America. The doubters were wrong — New York’s share of U.S. tech investment deals has continued to rise. There's far more to do, but under Mayor Eric Adams, New York is outperforming that other big tech center and headed to ever higher heights.” – Julie Samuels, executive director, TechNYC  
“Since his time as a police officer, Eric Adams has been dedicated to protecting and serving the Muslim community with love and respect. As mayor, he has continued to embrace our community, giving us a real seat at the table and creating meaningful change, including for the first time, allowing Mosques to broadcast call to prayer every Friday and throughout Ramadan. He ensured our children in public schools have access to healthy Halal food options and opened Gracie Mansion to our community to celebrate Eid for the first time. It is clear Mayor Adams cares about what means most to real New Yorkers, religious freedom, and embracing our city’s rich diversity, and I am proud to call him our mayor and friend.” – Imam Abdullah Salem, director, Muslim Community Center of Brooklyn 

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