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April 10, 2014 

Dr. Abe DeAnda of Bellevue Hospital Honored by The Marfan Foundation

Cardiothoracic surgeon is a strong advocate for awareness of Marfan syndrome and related disorders

Dr.Abe DeAnda

New York, NY ― Bellevue Hospital Center, part of the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC), today announced that Dr. Abe DeAnda, Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery, will receive The Marfan Foundation’s “Hero with a Heart” award for his outstanding work as a surgeon, researcher and strong advocate for Marfan syndrome and related disorders.

Dr. DeAnda, who is also Associate Professor of the Thoracic Aorta Program at NYU Langone Medical Center, runs the cardiothoracic inpatient and outpatient services at Bellevue Hospital. During his tenure the program has grown significantly and today serves as the tertiary care cardiac surgery center for HHC.

Marfan syndrome affects the body’s connective tissue, which helps to hold the body’s cells, organs, and tissues together and also helps to control how the body grows and develops.

Dr. DeAnda was honored today at The Marfan Foundation’s annual HeARTworks® Gala at Cipriani Restaurant on 42nd Street in Manhattan. Each year at HeARTworks®, leaders in the medical, corporate and Marfan communities are honored with the foundation’s “Hero with a Heart” award.

“Dr. DeAnda is a true champion for Marfan syndrome and related disorders and we are delighted to honor him with our 2014 Hero with a Heart Award,” The Marfan Foundation said in a statement.

“People with Marfan syndrome and related disorders that require cardiac surgery are the most complex and challenging cases,” said Dr. DeAnda. “I chose the field of cardiothoracic surgery because it is challenging and fulfilling work that includes emerging therapies, new technology in medicine, and team approaches to problem solving. Above all, it is a commitment to saving lives.”

“Cardiothoracic surgeons have the potential to make a real difference and improve the life expectancy and quality of life for thousands of patients throughout their careers,” said Steven Alexander, Bellevue’s Executive Director. “Bellevue Hospital joins the Marfan Foundation in congratulating Dr. DeAnda for this impressive award.”

Features of Marfan syndrome are most often found in the heart, blood vessels, bones, joints, and eyes. Some Marfan features such as aortic enlargement (expansion of the major blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart to the rest of the body) can be life-threatening. The lungs, skin and nervous system may also be affected. About 1 in 5,000 people have Marfan syndrome, according to The Marfan Foundation.

Dr. DeAnda regularly promotes Marfan syndrome awareness on his radio program on Doctor Radio on Sirius XM. In addition, he is an avid supporter of the Marfan Foundation’s Staten Island community group, attending meetings and giving presentations to members on Staten Island.

Soon after he joined Bellevue Hospital and NYU Langone Medical Center in 2010, Dr. DeAnda joined forces with The Marfan Foundation and worked to establish a Marfan Clinic.

Founded in 1981,The Marfan Foundation's Board of Directors is comprised of a diverse group of business leaders and long-time Foundation members. Several have Marfan syndrome or a related disorder or have a family member living with one of these conditions. Together with a Professional Advisory Board, the foundation raises funds for advance research and treatments that save lives and dramatically enhance quality of life for people living with Marfan syndrome and related disorders.


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