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Familiy Planning
Family Planning

Interested in birth control? Looking to start a family? Gouverneur's Family Planning Program provides informed guidance and vital healthcare services to help you determine which path is best for you.

The Family Planning Program provides both women and men access to all of the latest family planning information, tools and procedures that promote each individual's health and well-being. Our services are always 100% confidential. When you enroll in the Family Planning Program, you can have your insurance card mailed to any address you choose. Apply today! Call 212-238-7317.

Gouverneur's comprehensive medical services are available to Family Planning participants, and include primary care, women's health services, behavioral health, dental services, WIC nutrition services and podiatry.

We Speak Your Language

Gouverneur's bilingual staff provides the guidance and assistance necessary to help patients make informed choices about reproductive health. Staff members are available to answer your questions and ensure that you are getting high quality care.


Most patients receive free services. Family Planning fees are based on income levels and some patients pay a small amount based on a sliding fee scale.

Free Services for Uninsured New Mothers

You are automatically eligible for free services in our Family Planning Extension Program if you have had a baby with Gouverneur or have been enrolled in any PCAP program within the last two years.

Educational and Preventive Services

We provide guidance to help you choose the birth control method that's right for you. Available testing and counseling options include:

  • Birth Control Pills
  • Condoms
  • The Patch
  • Intrauterine Device (IUD-Contraceptive Device)
  • Emergency Contraception
  • Pregnancy
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
  • Sterilization
  • Cancer Screenings

Get Started Today

Call the Family Planning Program at 212-238-7317, and make an appointment with an Entitlement Counselor to discuss this and other programs you may qualify for.

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