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Rehabilitation Services
Rehabilitation Services

Gouverner's rehabilitation services provide patients who have suffered illness or injury with specialized therapies to restore function and improve independence as quickly and safely as possible. Our therapy is based on comprehensive assessment of every patient's individual conditions and needs to provide customized treatment that incorporates both the physical and emotional aspects of rehabilitation. We pride ourselves on meeting patient needs, providing respect and concern for patients and their families, and improving quality of life.

We work closely with your primary care physicians to ensure seamless care and to facilitate diagnostic tests, prescription treatments and other services for our patients. To schedule an appointment with Gouverneur's Rehabilitation Department call 212-441-5018.

Physical and Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy
We provide occupational therapy to improve function and gain independence in daily living skills. Treatment includes daily living activities (feeding, bathing, dressing, etc.) therapeutic exercise, wheelchair mobility training, assistive devices and adaptive equipment.

Physical Therapy
Gouverneur Physical Therapists help patients by evaluating physical problems; increasing and maintaining muscle strength and endurance; restoring and increasing range of motion in joints; increasing coordination; decreasing pain; decreasing swelling/inflammation in joints; alleviate walking problems; decreasing stress and educating patients and families about care.

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