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Important notice on data breaches affecting some HHC patients

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WTC Environmental Health Center

The World Trade Center (WTC) Environmental Health Center is a Center of Excellence dedicated to assessing and treating 9/11-related conditions.

Health Issues Due to 9/11

We provide healthcare to anyone who may still be sick from the events of 9/11, with no out-of-pocket costs. We work in partnership with community organizations and residents affected by 9/11. You can get treatment even if you cannot pay or do not have health insurance.

It may be hard to know if your health problems are due to 9/11. If you have persistent symptoms including difficulty breathing, skin problems or anxiety and nervousness, make an appointment for an evaluation. We provide a thorough assessment and then plan an appropriate course of treatment for you.

WTC Environmental Health Center in New York City

Learn more about what the Center can do for you:

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The WTC Environmental Health Center has locations at:

Learn more from the NYC Health Department about other health services available for survivors of the events of 9/11.

WTC Environmental Health Center

For eligibility and enrollment of people new to the program,
call toll free 1-888-WTC-HP4U (1-888-982-4748) or visit

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